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Irdeto BV
  • 300-2500 Solandt Rd
  • K2K3G5

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541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
541690  Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
511210  Software Publishers
Quality Certifications:
ISO 9001
Updated on:
2014-06-13,  Industry Canada
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Irdeto BV

Company Profile

Irdeto is a world leader in Multiscreen, Revenue Assurance and Media Protection solutions for pay TV operators, OTT service providers and content owners. Irdeto enables pay media companies to provide a personal media experience for their consumers, uncover new revenue opportunities and offer new forms of entertainment on broadcast, broadband and mobile networks. The company offers an advanced portfolio of, multi-rights management, multi-screen, home networking, piracy control and business intelligence services. Irdeto's success in the market is evidenced by its software security solutions being the most widely deployed in the world for pay TV on satellite, cable, terrestrial and IP networks and by helping customers preserve business value and generate new revenue with its Multiscreen services. Irdeto is a subsidiary of multinational media group Naspers (JSE: NPN). Please visit Irdeto at


  • Media Protection Solutions Video business complexity is increasing exponentially, from content broadcasted and consumed on set-top boxes to content delivered via many networks to virtually any device. With this complexity, piracy is evolving faster than ever, and the top threat for many operators is shifting from control word sharing to Internet content redistribution. It is more critical and difficult than ever for pay TV operators, OTT service providers and content owners to protect their valuable media assets and investments against emerging threats as the impact on their business is often global and immediate. Irdeto provides operators, OTT service providers and content owners with robust defense against the ever-changing threat of piracy. Our experience and offering provide the effective and flexible support required to protect the TV services of today and tomorrow.

  • Multiscreen Solutions Today, multi-screen is no longer a defensive play or an experiment. It is here to stay, and if done well, it can be part of an offensive revenue-making strategy to propel your business forward. Key factors that affect the success of the offering include: - a personalized user experience that drives media consumption and brand loyalty - the ability to quickly launch services and scale to meet changing consumer demands, and - the flexibility to protect premium content on any “must-have” device of today and tomorrow. Irdeto provides answers to help an operator no matter where they are in their own multi-screen journey. We provide a fully managed reference architecture that not only shortens time to market, but prevents technology lock in so that you can keep pace with your consumers and the next "must have" device.

  • Revenue Assurance Solutions One fundamental rule for a successful business is predictability. The negative impact of piracy on predictability is obvious. Yet, what often creates risk is not knowing what is happening in your market that prevents you from taking the right actions in time. Only with relevant knowledge can you deliver more value to consumers, hence consistently get the highest return on your content investment. Irdeto helps operators, OTT service providers and content owners build a sustainable business with a range of services designed to maximize revenue potential. It provides security and piracy control to identify and stop revenue loss due to content theft. It also sheds insight on media consumption patterns to help operators design services to increase revenue. Having a market strategy alongside any piracy control action is essential to re-engage disrupted illegal viewers with legitimate services.

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