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Data Perceptions
  • 174 Bridge St W
  • Waterloo, ON
  • N2K1K9

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541619  Other Management Consulting Services
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2018-01-12,  Industry Canada
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Data Perceptions

Company Profile

Data Perceptions is a leader in technology and operations consulting services, delivering strategic and operational enhancements through the use of: technology, innovative methodologies, and a skilled talent community/eco-system. Data Perceptions? core competency is helping organizations make strategic and operational improvements through the use of technology. Our structure is ideally suited to collaborative strategic planning, design and implementation through the augmentation of client teams from a variety of sources. Data Perceptions utilizes the general contractor model for project teams. Projects teams are staffed collaboratively with clients? and Data Perceptions? personnel. Data Perceptions? resources include consultants from our: network of subcontractors, business partners, vendor professional services, and staff allowing us to provide the highest skillsets for each project. We deliver strategic innovation and operational excellence through our collaborative approach, culture, and commitment to core values. Contact us to make incremental improvements that will transform your business!


  • Ecosystems - IT Infrastructure & Cloud Services Technology infrastructure is the hardware and software that supports key applications. This infrastructure enables applications to operate securely and reliably through redundant equipment and services, and good operational practices. Selection of the right infrastructure is important to get the best cost-benefit optimized solution. Our project strategists have a varied background in technology infrastructure, business acumen and analysis, IT specialist leadership, and project management. We have a passion for helping organizations build IT infrastructure & cloud services ecosystems with internal customer staff and a variety of suppliers.

  • Business Strategy Consulting Services Business Strategy Execution - Specializing in Technology and Operations Our Customer's Success Our passion is to help customers deliver operational improvements that significantly advance their business and help them reach their goals. Through collaboration with our customers we seek to determine and understand issues and opportunities that are strategic to business improvement. We specialize in solving these issues and responding to opportunities using technology to make significant incremental improvements. Methodologies Through our project based approach to operational improvements, we have adapted and developed well proven methodologies for many challenges. A methodical approach to addressing issues and opportunities can dramatically improve results. Capturing essential information, ideas, and documenting them in a clear and concise way enables effective team collaboration and maximizes use of team member?s skills and contributions. Our methodologies have been developed and fine-tuned over 20+ years of consulting services based on learnings from hundreds of projects. Working With Us Our culture and core values focus on collaboration and team work in an entrepreneurial environment. We enjoy our work and enthusiastically take on challenges with our customers and suppliers. We are an independent consulting firm that does not resell: cloud services, hardware, or software. This allows us to create strategies, designs, and ecosystems, and not be financially biased to specific vendors, but select what works best for our customers. We are members of vendor consultant liaison programs for education and to develop strong relationships that we rely on during solution development, design, and deployment for our customers.

  • Ecosystems - Security New initiatives are an excellent time to include security with the solution from the ground up, from equipment to operational practices. Security involves mitigating risks holistically with security costs optimized around the risk potential. Common risk categories include: ?Major Revenue Stream Risks and Dependencies, ?Intellectual Property Risks, and ?Brand & Reputation Risks. Data Perceptions? Information Security & Operations Scorecard helps organizations: determine their information security status and readiness, develop a roadmap for security development, and develop a security ecosystem map with a holistic view.

  • Tech & Ops Transformation - Strategy and Planning Organizations face many challenges in using technology to enhance and improve operations for significant business gains. IT strategic planning is often not done or only partially complete and fails to identify good opportunities for significant business gains. In some organizations, the IT department is not close enough to business operations to keep up with their needs. A holistic approach to innovation, has led some organizations to combine technology and operations groups under common leadership or increase collaboration between the groups through organizational structure. The collaboration of the whole team and interdependence of the technology and operations groups working together, makes innovation easier and faster. As a new and evolving business unit, Technology and Operations is seen as a vital component of future business gains, accelerating the rate of innovation and business agility. Please visit for more information

  • Ecosystems - Outsourced Services Outsourced specialization in business relationships has advanced human capabilities throughout history. The rate of specialization continues to increase as we collaborate to create new and better standards of living. Technology has had a large impact on people?s lives in recent history, and continues to accelerate in impact. We can help build technology and operations outsourced services ecosystems to improve products and services, business agility, and improve the bottom line. Data Perceptions can design and coordinate how your technology suppliers work together, and how customers and suppliers will interact with your operations.

  • Technology and Operations - Business Planning Planning new initiatives often involves: opportunity recognition, market research, requirements gathering, business intelligence analysis, data driven insights, and development of alternative business models. Clear and concise design documentation is essential for collaboration and analysis. Data Perceptions? project strategists can help with the technology and operations components of business model analysis and development.

  • Technology and Operations - Technical Design Good business and technical design documentation improves business agility and reduces risks. Data Perceptions? technical design services include: 1.Conceptual high level technical designs developed in conjunction with business model development; 2.Business services design with key applications and ecosystem workflow; 3.Application supporting infrastructure on premise, data center, and/or cloud services ecosystems; 4.Physical, logical, application services, and ecosystem design diagrams and plans; and 5.Application software architecture, functionality, and integration with other key business applications.

  • Project Management Project management is fundamental to keep the team focused on project goals and desired outcomes. Monitoring progress, costs, scope and making project adjustments is vital to effective results. Data Perceptions has experienced project managers with good business and technology acumen that help projects complete on time and on budget.

  • Ecosystems - Application & Operations Key line of business applications are supporting pillars of the organization?s operations and should be second nature to those using them. They speed up the work, reduce labour, enable communications, and provide information to people enabling them to make better decisions and efficiently complete activities. Many of these key business applications are ?off the shelf? with configuration or customization. Integration can be completed to make a variety of ?off the shelf? applications work together to better meet the needs the organization. Custom development is occasionally required to address unique objectives. We can help create this ecosystem of applications through: ?requirements development, ?work flow development, ?vendor and software selection, ?cloud application selection, ?technology evaluations for fit and customization, ?integration, and ?new application development.

  • Technology & Operations - Design Services Methods for planning and designing a technology and operations strategy usually involve: workshops, eco-system collaboration, peer review, clear & concise documentation, conceptual designs, detailed operational practices, and key line of business application work flow. Data Perceptions uses a modified SCRUM agile methodology, traditionally used for application development, for operations development and planning (what, how, and why).

  • Technology & Operations Strategy Methodology There are countless options in the world of technology today and businesses are often challenged to find the right blend of technology to advance operations. Continuous reliable operations that rely on technology, can be a management challenge. A strong technology and operation (tech & ops) strategy enables the business to be more competitive in the marketplace. Data Perceptions has over two decades of industry knowledge, experience, and expertise to help develop tech & ops strategies to address business requirements and challenges. We have developed a proven methodology to align and optimize tech & ops strategy with business strategy. Please visit for more information.

  • Project Implementation Implementation excellence in operational improvement projects is key to enhancing quality products, services, and increasing productivity. Skills to complete projects efficiently and quickly, with expected results, are essential to reduce costs and to obtain the benefits of planned improvements. Technology and operations roadmaps can help to: ? illustrate project timing, ? map and keep key deliverables top of mind, ? monitor progress of a portfolio of projects, and ? prioritize new project initiation. This helps to ensure that capacity does not exceed available resources, the most important projects get done first, and improvement benefits are realized in expected timeframes. It helps to stay within an organization?s capacity for change and meet marketplace demands.

  • Technology and Operations - Designing the Customer Experience The way customers reach buying decisions is evolving in the era of social media and internet information availability. The whole customer experience, is important in attracting new customers, customer retention, and customer advocacy. Designing a great customer experience combines an organization?s core competency with an optimized customer buying experience. Data Perceptions can help with customer journey mapping and designing the customer experience using technology to help improve an organization?s perception in their marketplace eco-system.

  • Security - Information & Operations Scorecard Every organization has finite resources to apply to information security. Understanding areas of risk and the organization's ability to monitor and mitigate risks is the key to developing an appropriate risk mitigation strategy. People looking to compromise the security of an organization look for the easiest or weakest link in the security profile of an organization. A balanced, holistic, and layered approach is required to identify and mitigate risks. Information security is an ongoing series of processes, procedures, and practices working together. The questions facing every organization relevant to information security are: ?Where is the organization vulnerable? ?How does an organization know what should be done? ?How often should it be done? ?What should not be done? ?Are the resources available? ?Does it make sense financially? Data Perceptions has developed a formal approach to helping organizations arrive at the answer to these questions and to provide a roadmap on which to proceed in their risk mitigation effort. Please visit!security-scorecard/f0k66

  • Project Implementation - Application Development Application development can fulfill many requirements including: ? application integration and customization, ? development of custom products and services, and ? productionizing in-house developed pilots or proofs of concepts. Most require production ready code that is robust, performance oriented, and follows a full product development life cycle. Custom developed software needs to be designed for ongoing improvements and marketplace change. Our software architects and strategists can help: ? determine and model what needs to be created, ? chose technologies to suit the task, and ? create and manage the full product management spectrum. Data Perceptions? large base of software development associates and contractors are entrepreneurial team oriented contributors. They are chosen for each project based on skill sets, core values, and cultural fit.

  • Project Implementation - IT Infrastructure Supporting infrastructure should seamlessly support applications. It should provide the necessary cost optimized reliability, security, and performance required by the business. Infrastructure operational practices should align with the strategy of the organization. Successful projects are highly dependent on the skills of the implementation team. Data Perceptions? large base of infrastructure associates and contractors are entrepreneurial team oriented contributors. They are chosen for each project based on skill sets, core values, and cultural fit.

  • Project Implementation - Cloud Services Migration Cloud services offer advantages in scale of operations and specialized expertise. Cloud services are provided by specialized vendors that can reduce costs, reduce business interruption and improve quality. Attaining the desired state requires a one-time migration or transition. A seamless transition is important to all aspects of the business and the people involved. Cloud service migration often requires extra skills and abilities to complete successfully. Data Perceptions? large base of cloud service associates and contractors are entrepreneurial team oriented contributors. They are chosen for each project based on skill sets, core values, and cultural fit.

  • Technology Strategy Review & Roadmap Businesses that successfully execute on their business strategy rise to the top of their sector. Technology plays an ever increasing role in the implementation of business strategy. Data Perceptions? services help businesses to select and implement technology to execute their business strategy. Methods for planning and designing a technology and operations strategy usually involve: workshops, eco-system collaboration, peer review, clear & concise documentation, conceptual designs, detailed operational practices, and key line of business application work flow. Planning new initiatives often involves: opportunity recognition, market research, requirements gathering, business intelligence analysis, data driven insights, and development of alternative business models. Clear and concise design documentation is essential for collaboration and analysis. Please visit!contact/c3kh

  • Vendor Selection Methodology One of the ongoing challenges for organizations, is picking a solution or vendor that is a good fit for their business needs. This is true whether you are trying to pick a Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor, ERP solution, or new Storage Area Network (SAN). Data Perceptions has been working with clients for over two decades helping them identify, create, and optimize solutions to address their business requirements and challenges. Based on that experience, we have developed a proven vendor selection methodology (including templates) that improves outcomes. The methodology helps organizations efficiently discover good options and select the best fit. Please visit for more information.

  • Security and Operations Scorecard Methodology Business leaders are continually challenged to make sure their company's security is appropriate. They need to ensure that they have addressed significant risks while staying fiscally responsible to protect the core assets of the company. The question is, have they identified significant risks to: ?1. Major Revenue Streams; 2. Intellectual Property; and 3. Brand & Reputation. Data Perceptions uses our custom Information Security & Operation Scorecard to aid in providing a risk assessment profile for an organization. The Scorecard provides a structured approach to: Evaluating the risk tolerance level of an organization; Identifying acceptable risks, and Prioritizing the activities to mitigate risks. The Scorecard provides the organization an understanding of the security risks to the business. The results of the Scorecard are used to develop a roadmap to mitigate significant risks. We work collaboratively with an organization to develop a balanced, holistic, and layered ongoing approach to identify and mitigate risks. Please visit for more information.

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