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  • 707-36 Eglinton Ave W
  • M4R1A1

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541340  Drafting Services
541420  Industrial Design Services
541490  Other Specialized Design Services
541710  Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences
541990  All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
541330  Engineering Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$100,000 to $199,999
Updated on:
2016-02-04,  Industry Canada
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DESIGNLORE is Product Development Solutions Provider offering both turnkey solutions and customized product design services to entrepreneurs and Corporations. From your Idea to Finished Product, we will provide Engineering, Industrial and Mechanical Design, R&D, CAD/CAE, testing, prototypes, models, manufacturing support and more.. DESIGNLORE is mechanical engineering and industrial design company providing full set of product development and engineering services to entrepreneurs and large corporations. Integrating the most innovative design approach with traditional engineering principles we provide our clients with “Right the First Time” innovative and aesthetically appealing product designs on time and within budget. Regarding our product development process as Art of Engineering, we blend creative and innovative thinking with knowledge from science and theory.


  • Product Design Product Design Services from idea to finished product, specializing medical device and instrument design, consumer product design, design of mechanisms and electro-mechanical components and electronics packaging solutions for wireless, portable and digital products. Full set of services from ID (industrial design), ergonomics, GUI design to engineering and mechanical product design to engineering manufacturing and prototyping support.

  • Product Development Product Development Services from initial idea or initial product specification to fully functional prototype or ready for manufacturing. Customized product development process and services for every product and specific client needs significantly reduce time to market and development costs.

  • Engineering Consulting engineering, design, industrial design, mechanical design, CAD, product development, drafting, manufacturing support, building of prototyping

  • Concept Development Generating ideas and technical solutions for the toughest applications, functional & performance constraints and goals, development of the intricate systems. Iterative brain storming and idea selection through cycles of improvement and optimization towards the ultimate design goal and technical specifications. Mechanical and mechanism concept design and development, concept and napkin sketches, product sketching, product style and concept design services.

  • Industrial Design Industrial Design (ID) services, product aesthetics, form and shape studies, product styling, ergonomic and human factors studies, end user requirements, design of User Interface and GUI, product form factor and style definition, concept sketches and artistic visions, ideation, product innovation, product concept development, visual and appearance models, form study models, color studies, product concept renderings and product illustrations etc.

  • Mechanical Engineering All Mechanical engineering services addressing all product requirements and desired functional goals in fields of product geometry, mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and energy. Mechanical engineering of mechanisms, precision electromechanical systems and devices, design & engineering of pneumatic or hydraulic systems, stress, strength, thermal analysis, heat dissipation and cooling for electronic devices and electronic product enclosures, seal and gasket design, material and process selection and engineering for specialty medical, FDA approved, underwater and high precision instrument products.

  • CADD Computer Aided Design and Drafting, CADD services, blue prints, file export, fabrication and production drawings, assembly drawings, BOM, file conversions etc.

  • Prototyping building of prototypes and models, fully functional prototypes, visual models, test models and mock-ups, bread-board

  • Research & Development Research and Development and Testing Services

  • Manufacturing Support Engineering support services to manufacturing, preparation of manufacturing and assembly instructions, jig and fixture design, costs and logistics analysis, part and tooling inspection, value engineering, manufacturing and production cost reduction

  • CAD CAD Computer-Aided Design, CAD Design services, CAD Modeling, CAD Surfacing, part and component 3D geometry for moulding, casting, stamping, forming, machining; plastics, steel and color metals; model translations, high end 3D CAD software packages, CAD assembly, virtual prototyping.

  • CAE CAE Computer-Aided Engineering services, analysis, simulation, diagnosis, mechanical engineering, part component and systems engineering.

  • Product Engineering Product Engineering services specializing medical device and instrument, consumer products, wireless, ruggudized, portable & handheld electronic devices and digital products. Offering various mechanical design & engineering, R&D and analysis services, part design and optimization, design of mechanisms and electro-mechanical systems, thermodynamics and fluid-dynamic systems, Design for Assembly (DFA), Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Engineering support for manufacturing, etc.

  • CAD Modeling CAD Modeling, Part and Component 3D geometry creation and design for various mfg process, solid modeling, file export, using high end 3D CAD software packages.

  • CAD Surfacing CAD Surfacing, , Class A surfacing, organic shapes, contemporary product aesthetics, for medical, consumer and automotive industries using high end CAD software packages.

  • Virtual Prototypes Using High End CAD/CAE software detailed high level precision CAD modeling of all parts and component geometric features, assembly and motion tests, interference and clearances, tolerances design validation and verification prior to actual building of prototypes saves time and money.

  • New Product Development Specializing in new product development for medical device and instrument, consumer products, electronics wireless and portable electronics enclosures. Highly optimized and effective development process, from concept development through various design and engineering to product detailing and documentation.

  • Product Development Consulting Product development consulting services, project management and planning, feasibility studies, optimization of product development process, product design and engineering consulting, resources, vendor and supplier selection and liaison, material and process selection, cost analysis, budget planning, R&D and more.

  • Project Management Project Management for new product development, development strategy, phase, milestone planning and performance metrics, design and engineering activity and resource planning, feasibility and critical path analysis, vendor and supplier management, building of the visual models, test and functional prototypes, for R&D and approval, advanced planning to reduce time to market and development costs.

  • Internal Layout Internal component and part layout, large assembly management, design for accessibility, design for serviceability, component layout design and engineering services.

  • Enclosure Development Product enclosure design and development and design of product packaging solutions with product ID, styling, ergonomics, mechanical design and engineering, specializing electronics and electro mechanical device enclosures, Medical device and instrument enclosures, consumer product, wireless, wearable electronics, portable and handheld devices and ruggedized product enclosures

  • Electronics Packaging Electronics product packaging design and development services, cladding, rack mount electronics, frame or shelf mount electronic enclosure design per applicable standards such as EIA 310-D, IEC 60297 and DIN 41494, DIN IEC 60297, IEEE 1101 and your number of Us (1U, 2U, 3U, 6U etc). Font panel design, Custom designed fascias, user interface design, rear panel board (backplane) Custom rack, sub rack and other special rack mounted enclosure designs also available.

  • Clam Shell Clamshell electronics enclosure design and development, design of cooling solutions, heat transfer, design of internal component layout, front panel with user interface design, custom or off shelf components, design of graphics and silk screen and pad printing patterns and more.

  • Part Design Engineering Part and Component Mechanical Design and Engineering services for injection molding, RIM, vacuum & thermo forming, cast and die cast, machined, stamped, sheet metal and formed parts and components. Material selection, analysis and engineering, geometry optimization and production level CAD modeling.

  • Reverse Engineering Reverse Engineering Services

  • Engineering Analysis Various mechanical Engineering Analysis and calculations, necessary for part and product design & development, feasibility and cost studies, engineering analysis load, stress, strain, thermal, FEA, tolerance stack up, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), safety factors, vibration, noise, fatigue, load distribution and more.

  • Design Engineering Product design engineering services is inseparable part of product development process is tightly intertwined with mechanical design, ID and engineering. At DESIGNLORE we provide all product design and engineering services and number of specialty design and engineering services such as design of mechanisms, internal components, pneumatic or hydraulic systems, electro-mechanical systems

  • Mechanical Design Mechanical Design services offered cover number of activities from part geometry creation, design to meet required function or performance as well as features required for or by specific mfg process, selection and specifications for off the shelf components, design for assembly DFA and design for manufacture DFM, to addressing special requirements such as thermal, chemical, electrical, corrosion, creep resistance, and/or compliance to the applicable and required standards.

  • Product Renderings Photo Realistic Rendering, Product Renderings, Digital Product Rendering, Product Images, Product Illustration, Artistic Product Renderings and Artistic Images

  • Technical Illustration Technical Illustration, technical renderings, product illustrations, production and assembly illustrated instructions

  • Technical Drawings Technical Drawings, Fabrication and production drawings, assembly drawings and assembly instructions, Blueprints, Bills Of Material

  • Design for Manufacture (DFM) Design for manufacture (DFM) services are offered together with mechanical design and engineering services. Manufacturing process is selected based on required production volumes, materials, function and required performance of the parts while part design is executed according to the best practices and needs of specific manufacturing process

  • Design for Assembly (DFA) Design for Assembly (DFA) experience and knowledge of the various manufacturing processes and assembly methods are applied to the most adequate assembly features early in the concept phase.

  • Product Launch Engineering support services to launch product into production, vendor and supplier selection and liaison, project management, preparation of manufacturing and assembly instructions, part and first off inspection,

  • Prototyping Support Engineering prototyping support services, preparation of prototype level documentation, prototyping process and material selection, vendor and supplier selection and liaison, part / tooling inspection, prototype assembly and inspection.

  • Product Styling Generation of the most suitable and aesthetically appealing product style and form factor for specific product function, end user needs and application in view of the proposed manufacturing processes, material and mechanical constraints.

  • Ergonomics Ergonomics and ergonomic design services, end user capabilities and requirements, work demands & environmental factors analysis, ergonomic standards and mechanical function and performance constraints applied to desired product design resulting in optimized and easy to use product designs. Intuitive Design, Accessibility Design

  • Human Factors Human Factors analysis, Human Engineering and ergonomic design services offered as a part of product design and Industrial Design services.

  • Design Research Design Research services in search for existing and similar products as part of product concept and product market research. Cross disciplinary product design research for contemporary and target market appealing design style.

  • Product Testing Prototype and product testing, design validation and verification, function and performance testing, approval testing, life cycle testing, various other testing services as required by product, market or approval body (CSA, UL, EU, FDA etc.)

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