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Environmental Waste International Inc.
  • 360 Frankcom St
  • AJAX, ON
  • L1S1R5

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Year Established:
Industries Classification:
333299  All Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
541420  Industrial Design Services
541690  Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
562210  Waste Treatment and Disposal
333310  Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
Updated on:
2016-06-27,  Industry Canada
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Environmental Waste International Inc.

Company Profile

Environmental Waste International Inc. (EWS), is a public traded Canadian company listed on TSXV Exchange under the symbol “EWS”. Founded in 1992, EWS is a design and development company specializing in eco-friendly systems for the break down of tires and other organic materials. EWS has spent over fifteen years engineering systems that integrate the EWS patented Reverse Polymerization process and proprietary microwave delivery system. Each unit is designed to be energy efficient and where possible, create an economically positive model for the recovery of various hydrocarbon oil and gasses.


  • EWS MD medical waste reduction system The Medical Waste Processor base model (MD1000) is capable of sterilizing 1,225 kg of biomedical waste daily.

  • EWS TR tire reduction system The TR system breaks tires down using EWS's patented Reverse Polymerization process while recovering carbon black, oil and steel for re-use or re-sale.

  • EWS FS effluent decontamination system The FS system completely sterilizes any biologically contaminated effluents from university and research labs without the need for steam.

  • EWS FS Food Waste Sterilizer Built for use onboard naval vessels to sterilize food waste and allow for extended storage even in hotter climates without fermentation.

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