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Commport Communications International Inc.
  • 5 Scanlon Crt
  • L4G7B2

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541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2015-04-21,  Industry Canada
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Commport Communications International Inc.

Company Profile

Commport Communications provides electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Electronic Commerce (EC) solutions; data warehousing; GS1 GDSN certified data pool services and complete Customer Care facilities, to firms located across North America and around the world. Commport has been innovative in their approach to EDI and data solutions making it an ideal partner for small to large sized companies. Our most recent technology advancement includes "eCOMM exchange" which allows customers to perform EDI transactions over the internet using only their internet browser software. Now any company, regardless of size, can enter the world of b2b eCommerce without the large investment of other EDI solutions. Commport understands that technology changes, as well as that customers' business needs vary, and Commport works to develop solutions to meet these changes and demands.


  • COMM-LiNK pro COMM-LiNK pro is a fully functional, inexpensive EDI translater and mapping program meeting all your EDI needs. COMM-LiNK pro is Windows '95/'98, NT and 2000 compliant and can handle EDI translation as a stand-alone system with a user-friendly interface, and as a fully automated front-end system to much larger computer systems. COMM-LiNK pro will handle any standard EDI transaction without any pre-mapping required. The software produces audit and summary reports, basic or detailed individual transaction reports and shipping labels with bar codes.

  • eCOMM exchange The "eCOMM exchange" is an internet based EDI trading facility. This service eliminates the need to install any type of EDI or XML translator in house. All EDI transactions are easily peformed with internet browser software. Now every company, small or large, can be EDI compliant and maximize their b2b transactions at a minimum expense.

  • eCOMMcyberLiNK EDI Translation service that is hosted by Commport built on an Application Service Provider model.

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