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Connectis Group
  • 32-600 Bowes Rd
  • L4K4A3

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Canada, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
417310  Computer, Computer Peripheral and Pre-Packaged Software Wholesaler-Distributors
443120  Computer and Software Stores
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
561990  All Other Support Services
611420  Computer Training
511210  Software Publishers
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2015-12-30,  Industry Canada
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Connectis Group

Company Profile

Connectis provides products and services for the document and process automation space in Canada and the US. Our software & hardware solutions help manage & process large volumes of documents (paper, fax & electronic), databases, eforms, faxes and complex processes. We provide training, implementation and professional services across the nation. We provide fax & document delivery servers (OpenText RightFax, FaxCore, Esker Fax), managed file transfer (OpenText MFT), email solutions (OpenText Secure eMail) workflow process automation (HP Autonomy Process Automation & Workflow), document & data capture systems (HP Autonomy Teleform, Artsyl SimpleCapture & docAlpha, ABBYY FlexiCapture), document & data storage & retrieval systems (OpenText Alchemy and MaxxVault Document Management), Esker DeliveryWare Document Process Management and Kodak and Fujitsu production scanners.


  • OpenText RightFax Fax Server RightFax is the world leader in fax server document delivery technologies. RightFax enables faxing to and from the PC desktop, cloud based fax solutions, mainframe faxing, fax broadcasting and integrates with VMWare, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, SAP, Oracle, Xerox and many other systems. We can now virtualize your RightFax server with either Dialogic SR140 licenses, Dialogic Media Gateways or an Internet based etherFax service to replace the Telco. Connectis provides licenses, implementations, training & professional services.

  • HP Autonomy TeleForm - Document Capture TeleForm virtually eliminates manual data entry from scanned paper, fax or PDF or HTML forms. TeleForm works with your forms or creates intelligent forms that emulate your paper forms and produces a database record for each response. TeleForm captures hand printed entries to a database, including text, numbers, images, check boxes and signatures. Name and address areas can be saved for marketing feedback, mailing labels, or additional off-line report processing. Ideal for Order Forms, Surveys, MSDS Documents, Health Forms, Event Registration, Reader Surveys and more. Connectis provides licenses, implementations, training & professional services.

  • OpenText Alchemy Document Server Alchemy document server integrates with Autonomy TeleForm, OpenText RightFax and OpenText Workflow Server. Alchemy enables easy document archiving and search over the network and the web based on login control. Ideal for storing any kind of document or file type with viewing capability for hundreds of file types. Alchemy DataGrabber enables the full importing of content from most sources to Alchemy databases. Connectis provides licenses, implementations, training & professional services.

  • Connectis Professional Services & Service Bureau Professional Services Group provides the consulting, service bureau, development & programming, deployment, forms creation and training for all our business process automation solutions. We'll host paper, fax or web form capture solutions, fax server hosting, document & data storage systems, scanning solutions.

  • Sage SalesLogix CRM SalesLogix is affordable powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that is Account , Contact ,Opportunity , Customer Service centric. Complete automation includes integration with MS Outlook, Marketing Campaigns and full process automation throughout the product. Licenses are priced by the server and quantity of client users. Also available as a web interface.

  • HP Autonomy Process Automation eForms APA HP Autonomy Process Automation, is an on-line web based Electronic Form Process system. Users can complete on-line PDF & HTML forms, attach documents or files and submit for approval, either by logging in or having access to public forms. Each form is passed to the intended approver until the form is stored in the database along with all attachments or is returned to the original form filler. Great for health claim forms, expense receipts, licensing forms and many others etc. HP Autonomy Process Automation completely integrates with TeleForm for a seamless paper, fax and on-line PDF, HTML form document automation solution. Connectis provides licenses, implementations, training & professional services.

  • HP Autonomy Process Automation Public eForms Option Enables the publishing of Autonomy TeleForm forms to an HTML or Adobe PDF to create fillable on-line forms that can be published to your publicly accessible web site. Once form fillers submit form contents, the data is passed to TeleForm for processing and export to your database automatically thereby eliminating data entry. Connectis provides licenses, implementations, training & professional services.

  • OpenText Secure Mail OpenText Secure Mail is an on-line service which guarantees a reliable and secure delivery of emailed content with or without attachments to an intended recipients. Connectis provides licenses, implementations, training & professional services.

  • ABBYY FlexiCapture Professional FlexiCapture automatically captures fielded content from paper and faxed in forms and eliminates the need for manual data entry to a database. Forms well supports semi-structured and fixed forms.

  • Kodak & Fujitsu Scanners We provide the complete line of Kodak & Fujitsu scanners from small inexpensive personal desktop scanners to full production document imaging machines, complete with cross Canada support and government pricing.

  • Kofax VRS VRS - Virtual ReScan enables the scanning of dirty images that are automatically cleaned up for scanning and recognition systems.

  • ABBYY Recognition Server Automated the processing and conversion of paper and electronic documents from one format to any of a variety of other formats including: PDF, Word, XML, JPG, GIF and many more. This workflow driven application is easy to use and does not require considerable manual intervention to process thousands of document conversions.

  • Esker DeliveryWare & Esker Fax Document Process Automation solutions for business including: Document Delivery - Esker Fax, Accounts Payable & Receive Sales Order Processing All products are available in an on-premise model or Software as a Service (SaaS) and service bureau. Document imaging and capture solutions support EDI, Fax, Scanning, SQL, SAP, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Fax Over IP and are all geared to improve the management of image enablement, process control, image storage and retrieval. Connectis provides licenses, implementations, training & professional services.

  • Artsyl SimpleCapture This single user software capture solution enables operators to quickly create the logic required to process semi-structured documents like invoices, purchase orders, transportation way bills and much more. The powerful and easy interface enables users to become operational the same day the technology is implemented. Connectis provides design, training and implementation services.

  • Artsyl docAlpa Server This multi-user software solution enables a fully automated capture solution for operators needing to process both fixed and semi-structured documents with ease and considerable control. Ideal for processing documents like invoices, purchase orders, transportation way bills and much more. All modules are fully configurable and are licensed by workstation and page count. Connectis provides design, training and implementation services. Connectis provides licenses, implementations, training & professional services.

  • GoScan Provides 4 licenses for unlimited remote based scanning to your repository or capture solution, with very easy to use single button interface and attractive licensing fees. All you'll need is access to either the web or an FTP server and your scanner.

  • Dialogic & OpenText Media Gateway Complete line of analog and digital IP media gateways for Esker Fax and OpenText RightFax, from 4 to 24 ports ... stackable.

  • Diaglogic SR140 Fax Over IP Fax Over IP licenses with Open Text RightFax and Esker Fax enable fax server virtualization and eliminating your dependance on physical fax cards. Available in increments of 2-60 channel licenses.

  • Dialogic Voice Cards Connectis represents the complete line of industry leading Dialogic Voice Cards.

  • Dialogic TR1034 Fax Card Connectis represents the complete line of industry leading Dialogic Fax Cards, including analog and digital cards from 2-8 ports analog, and 4-24 ports digital. All fax cards are compatible with Open Text RightFax and Esker Fax.

  • FaxCore eV5 Fax Server FaxCore is a fax server developed in .Net and provides a full functioning, however affordable fax solution for Windows networks. Complete with SAP, Exchange, Notes and MFP integrations, your FaxCore server can be quickly virtualized with etherFax or SR140 licenses and gateway. Very user friendly interface. Connectis provides licenses, implementations, training & professional services.

  • MaxxVault Document Management MaxxVault is a powerful, affordable, easy to use document management system that provides, e-forms, workflow, document archive & retrieval, scanning, OCR, on premise solution. Also available as MaxxDoc's cloud based solution. Connectis provides licenses, implementations, training & professional services.

  • etherFax etherFAX® offers a unique solution that extends existing fax server solutions to the cloud. By eliminating the need for costly network fax sub-systems, such as fax boards, gateways and recurring telephony fees, etherFAX® leverages the Internet to manage all business-critical fax communications. etherFAX is an aggregation of virtual ports that allows, you to simply send and receive fax communications via the cloud. Providing an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform, allowing developers/customers to eliminate the need to provision and/or maintain costly telecommunications connections or purchase expensive fax boards, T.38/Gateways, Servers and other related services. You’ll still need your RightFax or FaxCore server configured as before with all the modules and channels you’ve already purchased. If you’re ABOUT TO PURCHASE a NEW RightFax server, you WON’T be required to purchase fax cards, gateways or fax over ip software AND you won’t have to purchase the maintenance and support on those technologies year over year. If you’re an EXISTING RightFax user and have already purchased the traditional fax card, fax over ip software and gateway, you won’t be required to RENEW your maintenance agreement as you won’t be needing those technologies any longer.

  • OpenText Managed File Transfer OpenText Managed File Transfer (MFT) is an on-premises application server that provides file transfer speeds and flexibility far greater than FTP (File Transport Protocol). Connectis provides licenses, implementations, training & professional services.

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