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Arcus Absorbents Inc.
  • 3-75 Deerhide Cres.
  • M9M2Z2

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418410  Chemical (except Agricultural) and Allied Product Wholesaler-Distributors
325999  All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product Manufacturing
Updated on:
2015-11-11,  Industry Canada
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Arcus Absorbents Inc.

Company Profile

Manufacturer and distributor of absorbent products for the cleanup of spills and the solidification of industrial liquid waste.


  • Absorbents Simple solutions for the cleanup of spills in industry. Absorbents for OIL-ONLY, UNIVERSAL and GENERAL PURPOSE spills. Pads, Rolls, Booms, Socks, Granular and Spill Kits Liquid Waste Solidifier to solidify sludges suitable for disposal in landfill

  • Oil-Only Our OIL-ONLY absorbent is a hydrophobic polypropylene product that absorbs and contains petroleum-based liquids on land and water. It is lightweight, flame resistant, non-toxic and floats even when fully saturated. Absorbing up to 30 times its own weight it is a cost-effective solution to your safety requirements. 1) Suitable for Oil, Fuels, Solvents and most Petrochemicals 2) On Land or water 3) Capable of separating oil from water 4) Floats on water even when fully saturated Available in Socks, Pillows, Pads, Rolls, Booms, Drumtops, Bilgeskimmers and Particulate

  • Universal Our UNIVERSAL absorbent is a hydrophilic polypropylene product that absorbs water-based liquids, including aggressive acids and bases. It is also suitable for petrochemicals such as oils, fuels and solvents. Absorbing up to 25 times its own weight it is a cost effective solution for spill cleanup. 1) Suitable for Water, Oil, Fuels, Solvents, Acids and Bases 2) Will absorb and retain up to 25 times its own weight 3) Can be applied without fear of reaction (some exceptions may apply to strong oxidizing materials) Available in Socks, Pillows, Pads, Rolls, Booms and Particulate

  • General Purpose Our GENERAL PURPOSE products are cellulose filled and will easily handle any spill from water-based solvents to hydrocarbons (with the exception of aggressive chemicals). They have a strong wicking action and will absorb up to 40 times their own weight. 1) Suitable for any spill from water-based solvents to hydrocarbons 2) Will absorb and retain up to 40 times its own weight 3) Reduces the need for multiple sorbents 4) Best choice for a no decision response on land Available in Socks, Pillows and Particulate

  • Spill Kits - Contain and clean up spills quickly - Reduce clean up and disposal costs - Kits are stocked to handle spills up to 220 litres - Choose either UNIVERSAL or OIL-ONLY for your facility + Custom Spill Kits are available on request

  • Liquid Waste Solidifier * Turns liquid waste into a solid * 40 lbs of LWS will solidify 1 TON of liquid waste * Save money on disposal costs by turning watery sludge into a solid * Pay for solid waste disposal not liquid waste disposal Description: LWS is a non-toxic granular product designed to absorb water and aqueous solutions. The product swells to form a tight gel that holds water molecules even under pressure. Use: LWS is used to solidify sludges thus allowing them to be taken to landfill as a solid. Toxicity: LWS is non toxic. It is one of a family of products that has undergone extensive testing for applications ranging from agriculture to personal hygiene. This product is not regulated by DOT or TDGR and is not listed under SARA section 313. Easy to use: LWS comes in 24oz shakers, 40 lb bags or 2,000 lb bulk supersacs. Add directly to the water/sludge to be solidified and agitate. Economical: The disposal cost of solid waste is far less than at a liquid waste facility. By using LWS to convert liquid waste to a solid the cost of dumping sludges and other liquids can be reduced by as much as 50% (after including the cost of LWS).

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