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  • 182 Islington Ave
  • N2B1P7

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562990  All Other Waste Management Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1 to $99,999
Updated on:
2017-03-27,  Industry Canada
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Environmental Quescense ~ EQ Technological Recovery Management ~ TRM EQ ~ TRM TRM is essentially Recovery and smart recycling of obsolete, broken, and prototype technology. Items such as IT Equipment, Computers, AV Equipment, Telephone Equipment, and Industrial Machine Automation. Adding to our growing services, EQ also offers value added services for; Data Elimination, & Prototype Machine Elimination, Multiregional - On Demand Pickup, & Logistical Site Coordination… EQ ~ TRM has fourteen years of community service experience mainly in the Region of Waterloo, and the surrounding high population areas. Project sizes vary accordingly and a flat rate pick up fee structure is in place to protect against abuse of these professional services. Being first we enjoy a unique niche as a growing environmental service business in the Recovery and smart recycling industry. Technologies that were at one time wasted are liberated to support the high technology community of SouthWestern Ontario compete on the global stage of innovation. This is done via the due diligence of EQ ~ TRM's trident of services. Namely Education, Recovery and Inventory. Garnering with this trident of services a high rate of recovery is just another of the desired outcomes that is planned for, however the most important outcome is feeling. Feeling that as a participant as a contributor, or as a purchaser that we have done well for ourselves let alone our pocket books and THE Environment... EQ post our recovery rates on a yearly per project basis, and do so year after year in the on line EQ Book of Deeds. We do this because this community needs your leadership. To lead them away from the “Dead End Jobs" where wholesale shredding of old computers and IT gear is the norm, because wrong is wrong and such an alternative will eventually go away” The yearly Rate of Recovery is our most significant environmental number posting below five years of success… Year --- Kilograms --- EQ Rate of Recovery 2011 --- 40205.730kg --- 99.74% 2010 --- 26363.620kg --- 99.71% 2009 --- 25094.860kg --- 95.13% 2008 --- 21358.770kg --- 99.67% 2007 --- 18561.730kg --- 99.81% Where is the E waste? "E-waste" as a descriptive term no longer fits the issue, unless you continue to allow it. That’s because disposal and riddance are wasteful at best, and destructive to the community at the core. Hence is why many decide daily that contribution of old technology fits the awakening consciousness... Trust in EQ ~ TRM and your community with a contribution today


  • Technological Recovery Management TRM Recovery and smart recycling of technology Via EQ~ TRM’s ongoing Educational recovery services and we routinely seek the following items * IT Equipment * Computers * Telephones * Machine Automation EQ also offers value added services for Classified Eliminations ** Hard Drive/Magnetic Tape Data Eliminations *** Prototype Machine Eliminations EQ also offers value added services for Multiregional ** On Demand Pickup Services *** Logistical Site Coordination Services

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