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ECS Cares
  • 47 Churchhill Dr.
  • L4N8Z5

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Year Established:
Industries Classification:
333310  Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
562110  Waste Collection
562210  Waste Treatment and Disposal
333299  All Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2017-03-29,  Industry Canada
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ECS Cares

Company Profile

WELCOME TO ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL SYSTEMS ECS Cares has been in the environmental industry since 1969. Our Goal is to continue to actively reduce, re-use and recycle as many waste streams as possible and divert them from entering the sewer and landfill systems. Our consistent growth has enabled us to stay at the forefront of the photographic industries (printing, photo, medical) while allowing us to diversify into new areas of business of medical waste, product destruction, and chemical disposal. With a customer base that extends to all points of Canada and into the United States, we will always ensure that wherever YOU are located – your needs are met. We want to do our part in “PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT”.


  • Complete Silver Recovery Services Silver Recovery & Refining Environmental Control Systems has been specializing in silver recovery and silver refining since 1969. Beginning with silver flake and silver cartridges we have recently expanded our services to include silver bromide, silver chloride, silver resins, and more. Regardless of your location and quantity, ECS Cares is well equipped to handle all of your refining needs. We pride ourselves on our security, confidentiality, detailed reporting, and the highest possible rate of returns. With increased silver prices over the past couple of years, ECS Cares can ensure that you will be pleased with one of our many refining programs available to you. In addition to your refining, ECS Cares has service technicians throughout Canada to exchange your current silver recovery cartridges and install a more advanced, state-of-the-art QuickSilver Cartridge. You can rely on experienced technicians to service and calibrate all types of silver recovery equipment on the market. (Courier services also available for US and rural areas of Canada.)

  • Chemical Disposal ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL SYSTEMS takes chemical removal and disposal very seriously. As an environmental company, we take this responsibility to keep ‘you the customer’, environmentally safe. Our sales and service professionals will take the time to work with you in accordance with WHMIS and MOEE requirements and help you organize your waste streams to effectively prevent them from entering the sewer and/or landfill systems. Safely storing, transporting and disposing of these hazardous waste streams is a team effort and E.C.S. ensures this high standard throughout our organization. KEY ADVANTAGES OF UTILIZING ECS Cares * ECS Cares will help you choose the best solution in handling your company’s waste; either through one of our on-site recycling systems or simply removing your waste for safe treatment and disposal. [Since ECS Cares is a manufacturer of many different types of recycling equipment we will provide you an unbiased solution to handle your waste cost effectively.] * ECS Cares is fully licensed, bonded and insured. ECS Cares Programs * Pick up of liquids, sludges and solids * WHMIS labeled chemical jugs, drums (plastic or metal), and totes are supplied by ECS Cares (some costs may apply depending upon containers required) * Paper or electronic manifesting provided * Transportation method: straight trucks (loading dock or tailgate available), tanker trucks for pump outs * Site visits and chemical analysis * Qualified and trained technicians with TDGA * Chemical disposal and storage consultation services * Empty container disposal program Eliminate the manual error of overflowing containers or pouring the liquid into drums, etc. ECS Cares will automate your waste overflow through waste transfer stations and protect against overflow with custom high level alarms (custom built and designed by ECS Cares) Some of the examples of industries that we currently service are: * Printing Industry * Photo Industry * Medical: hospitals, x-ray clinics, dentists, chiropractors, veterinary * Printed Circuit Board Companies * Electro Plating Companies * Machining companies * Military * Sign Companies * Food & Beverage Industry * Retail * Bankruptcy clean up jobs for trustees of various different industries.

  • PVC Manufacturing The knowledge gained from custom manufacturing our own silver recovery and recycling equipment has made it possible for us to build other products out of PVC plastic to accommodate our customers growing needs. Customizing your facility for example, is one of the many ways ECS Cares can benefit your establishment; such as silver recovery, pollution control/recycling equipment, transfer tanks and stations, PVC sinks, replenishment tanks, spill trays, spill kits, etc. At ECS Cares, we will take the time to listen to your needs in any application or industry to make sure you are happy and environmentally compliant.

  • Circuit Board & Finger Board Recycling ECS Cares pays top dollar for circuit boards based on the market value. Since the precious metals in these circuit boards can fluctuate between each type, samples are required in order to provide an accurate price to you. ECS Cares will pick up directly from your location (and/or arrange for shipping for out of district areas).

  • Dental Profession Recycling AMALGAM SEPARATOR ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL SYSTEMS in collaboration with Rebec Solutions has designed a specialized amalgam recycling program for the Dental Industry. With ECS Cares Offices strategically located across Canada, we can ensure that the amalgam waste from your office is being properly treated both on and offsite. Recycling of DENTAL LEAD FOIL We also provide amalgam disposal and service for a variety of manufacturers

  • Film Recycling FILM RECYCLING ECS Cares will buy various types of new (expired) or used film such as: X-Ray films, C-41, News & Black Litho, Circuit Board film, etc. Price fluctuates on the silver market as well as the grade and net weight of the film. ECS Cares has the manpower to remove all types of film and/or arrange and receive full truck loads. Whether it is medical film from your shelving, litho film with or without masking, C-41 movie film in or out of metal canisters, micro fiech, etc. – if there is silver on the film, we will recycle it. We also provide file purging services with a competant and detailed staff. The ECS Cares Advantage: * Premium price paid * Storage containers provided * Bondable with all personal files and documents shredded and destroyed * Confidential statement provided upon request * Plastic is recycled

  • Scrap Metal Recycling Aluminum & Copper (Plates) ECS Cares pays top dollar for scrap aluminum printing plates and copper circuit board plates based on the current market value. ECS Cares will pick up directly from your location (and or arrange for shipping for out of district areas).

  • Sharps Disposal Services ECS Cares supplies and disposes sharps medical waste containers throughout. No contracts or monthly fees with as needed services. Get Air Miles. our team is fully licensed with the MOE.

  • CTP Chemical pH Treatment (Ecolizer) Print & Graphic Silver Recovery & Chemical Management Equipment For those printers still requiring a silver recovery unit, ECS Cares has several options for you to suit your budget. By utilizing the same equipment and filters as in the photo industry, ECS Cares. can ensure full compliance with our Ecolution Systems. For those Printers who have gone digital with the latest CTP technology then silver recovery isn’t for you. Your chemical waste from this process will need to be recycled in a different way through either chemical disposal or utilizing our Ecolizer pH Neutralizing unit for your CTP waste. Chemical Disposal services can be a huge cost saver and alternative to on-site equipment in small print shops. For larger volume print shops as well as rural and US locations; on-site equipment is a viable option that we would be happy to discuss with you. ECS Cares will talk with you and visit your location were possible to provide you with all of the options and costs in recycling your wastes. We will help you decide which option is best for your business and incorporate this with your long term goals.

  • Product Destruction Protecting your information is what we do! Proprietary equipment, media shredding, and paper shredding.

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