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Integran Technologies Inc.
  • 6300 Northam Dr.
  • L4V1H7

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Industries Classification:
541330  Engineering Services
541710  Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences
Quality Certifications:
AS/EN 9100, ISO 9001
Updated on:
2016-01-14,  Industry Canada
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Integran Technologies Inc.

Company Profile

Integran Technologies is a metallurgical nanotechnology company whose technologies focus upon the engineering of the internal structure of materials on a near-atomic scale to yield 'super materials' which meet the demanding performance requirements of new products. Integran provides its customers materials solutions, and a competitive edge in the marketplace through the manufacture and supply of high performance subcomponents and by licensing. Integran is committed to facilitating and accelerating the technology transfer and implementation process. Integran’s advanced materials technologies have emerged from over 30 years of collaborative research and development activities conducted with university -, industry - and government research laboratories. Integran continues to maintain strong linkages to these organizations in order to remain at the leading-edge of applied metallurgical research. Integran is located in a 52,000 sq.ft. facility near Toronto's Lester B. Pearson International Airport. The facility contains laboratory- pilot - and production scale materials processing, and state of the art materials characterization capability. Integran’s team of technologists, engineers and scientists provide comprehensive and cost-effective technical support, from initial engineering assessment, through to product qualification and regulatory approval.


  • Nanocrystalline metals/alloys Integran develops and manufactures nanocrystalline metal/alloy coatings or electroforms with extreme mechanical and/or magnetic properties that can be tailored to clients' specifications for manufacturing.

  • Grain Boundary Engineered Superalloys Thermomechanical process for Nickel-based superalloys which imparts enhanced resistance to high temperature creep and fatigue performance, thus enabling higher temperature operation of gas turbine engines for enhanced thrust and improved fuel efficiency.

  • Nanovate CoP Nanovate CoP is a cobalt based coating material that offers an environmentally acceptable alternative to hexavalent hard chrome. The technology has been licensed for application to hydraulic bars and is in the process of being qualified for aerospace use. The technology has already successfully passed qualifying testing for engine and landing gear applications. Integran is working with OEMs and the US DoD through its environmental agency (ESTCP) to move the technology to full production. The process technology is covered by MIL-SPEC: MIL-DTL-32502.

  • Nanovate NV Nanovate NV is a hybrid of nanostructured low thermal expansion invar (nickel-iron alloy) on a carbon reinforced composite material. This technology is used for the production of low cost, high durability molds for the manufacture of composite aerospace parts.

  • Nanovate NS Nanovate NS is a hybrid material that combines a layer of nanostructure metal (with high strength and hardness) and a substrate of carbon reinforced fiber composite. The resulting material combines a high resistance to fracture and erosion. Low to medium volume production is conducted in Integran's facilities.

  • Nanovate EP Integran possesses the core technology to produce hybrids of engineered polymers and ultrahigh strength metal, thus extending the applicability of low cost injection molding to the production of high performance components in aerospace, defence, automotive, biomedical and consumer products. Low to medium volume production is conducted in Integran's facilities while higher volume production (e.g., for consumer electronics) is enabled the technology licensing.

  • NANOVATE EM Nanovate EM is a specialized coating with high magnetic permeability that can be used for low to high frequency shielding of low to high field electromagnetic interference. Integran currently supplies custom shielding enclosures for the components of guidance systems such as those used on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV''s).

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