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SeQent Ltd
  • 137-4500 Blakie Rd
  • London, ON
  • N6L1G5

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334290  Other Communications Equipment Manufacturing
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2018-02-20,  Industry Canada
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SeQent Ltd

Company Profile

SeQent provides a software bridge between industrial Alarms & Events that occur in plant floor equipment and applications and dispatches information to textual and visual devices.We provide the most user-friendly and scalable notification platform on the market that enables hourly and salaried workers to make better-informed decisions that improves productivity and quality while increasing plant floor visibility and profitability. Creating new or utilizing the logic and business rules already set up in Life Safety, Facilities, Production, Quality and Maintenance systems, key information can proactively be sent to Motorola MOTOTRBO? two way radios, pagers, smartphones, Cisco Instant Connect clients, Zebra Workforce Connect clients as well as LED/LCD displays and tablets.


  • FirstPAGE? SeQent's FirstPAGE? product line provides an automated messaging platform capable of supporting thousands of messages per hour that distributes real-time information to any messaging device. This single application allows everyone with any kind of a messaging device to be loaded into a single database that can be shared with all applications in the organization.

  • FirstPAGE? Alarm Manager SeQent's FirstPAGE? Alarm Manager automatically dispatches alarm or event notifications to MOTOTRBO Digital Radios, pagers, email, mobile computers, and tablets. When an alarm or event takes place, FirstPAGE Alarm Manager sends the notification to the first responder and will automatically escalate through a specified hierarchy until it is cleared. Using FirstPAGE Alarm Manager allows the end-user to manage the entire lifecycle of alarms or events in real-time both on or off site. With automatic alarm escalation, FirstPAGE Alarm Manager provides an innovative and reliable alarm and event management solution that will improve alarm response time and overall efficiency.

  • TeamCALL? SeQents TeamCALL? adds automated team member dispatch and scheduling to the FirstPAGE product line. When an alarm or event is triggered, TeamCALL notifies team members in a batting order rotation and keeps track of the alarm or event status. TeamCALL operates in three stages: 1) Call- Initial request 2) Attend- Team member acknowledges alarm or event 3) Clear- Team member clears alarm or event Once an alarm is cleared, the team member is placed back into the specified team member rotation.

  • Marquee Manager? SeQent's Marquee Manager? product family monitors manufacturing environments and sends real-time, automated messages (Alarms, Events, KPI's, OEE) to visual and/or audible devices including LED display/ANDON boards, LCD/Industrial Digital Signage, stack lights and sounder alarms the moment a tolerance is breached.

  • VideoSERVER? SeQent's VideoSERVER? product line provides a video display and audio control solution that allows for the control and customization of any fixed or mobile industrial digital displays. Display real-time information with the ability to create a common interface across all display types with integrated audio control.

  • Wi-Fi Messenger? SeQents WiFi Messenger? solution provides an instantaneous, secure and reliable Wi-Fi messaging delivery system that eliminates mobile carrier coverage dependency. Without the requirement of a sim card and carrier contract, Wi-Fi messenger will reduce costs and maximize efficiency with its rapid delivery rate.

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