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3DA Multimedia Inc.
  • 200 Willow Creek Cricle
  • K2G7B1

Contact Information

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Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$200,000 to $499,999
Updated on:
2014-05-27,  Industry Canada
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3DA Multimedia Inc.

Company Profile

Our Company 3dA Multimedia is a premier business solution provider for web, desktop and mobile applications and Its focus is to deliver innovative solutions and unsurpassed services and products With over 17 years of experience, 3DA has built a reputation in creating extraordinary brand experiences for corporate web, desktop and mobile software development, web conferencing and interactive e- learning tools. The Company’s main areas include Services, and video/audio help desk conferencing products


  • Quick Help Desk Quick Help Desk is an electronic Customer Relations Management (eCRM) tool for your website that enables site customers and visitors to instantaneously communicate and interact with your customer service personnel

  • Teleclass The 3dA Educational Module "Teleclass" is a cost-effective, interactive e-learning application, essential to an organization's training programs. Organizations like yours will reduce travelling costs and increase accessibility to educational programs by providing training sessions over the Internet, no matter where the instructor or the students/trainees are. "Teleclass" enables audiences to attend presentations, seminars or classes right online with an optimal 30-frames/sec real-time video and audio feed of the instructor or presenter. Participants are able to interact and commmunicate among themselves and with the presenter through a chat console, while a Power Point slide show is presented. The Teleclass educational module is a self-contained cross- platform flash application that can be run directly from your website where you control its access through a secure login or a hidden link. (See details on hosting and bandwidth)

  • Virtual BoarrdRoom 3dA’s Virtual BoardRoom™ is the Interactive Internet Communication Arena that provides companies and organizations with the power and ability to conduct global conferencing via the Internet in the most affordable and convenient method available today. Connect to your clients, teams and colleagues instantly from your office, home, hotel or laptop.

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