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IBI Group
  • 200-9133 Leslie St
  • L4B4N1

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Barbados, Dominica, Greece, Israel, Philippines, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, United States, Zimbabwe
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541330  Engineering Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$5,000,000 to $9,999,999
Updated on:
2014-01-31,  Industry Canada
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IBI Group

Company Profile

Cumming Cockburn Limited (CCL) has provided consulting services to public and private sector clients since 1961. The firm specializes in small hydro engineering, urban development, transportation, environmental, water resources, hydrology and infrastructure development projects. The firm is registered to undertake projects with the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Caribbean Development Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank and has provided services for ssignments funded by the Southern Cone Technology Fund; The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the World Bank. Many of our international projects are focussed on developing working partnerships with consultants and other firms based in the host country location. Our focus is to bring the highest degree of excellence economically possible to the project while at the same time achieving a high level of training and technology transfer to the local partner. The objective of mutually beneficial working relationships has lead to highly successful long-term partnerships. We welcome inquiries related to the development of similar partnerships. CCL has been responsible for the planning, design, construction management and operation of small hydro plants varying in size from 50 kW off-grid installations to larger 30 MW grid-connected plants. We have completed hydroelectric assignments in Jamaica, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Costa Rica, and the Philippines.Other small hydro project assessments are underway or have been completed in India, China, and North America. CCL has also providing consulting expertise for environmental and Flood Control projects in Barbados; Water Supply Infrastructure Remediation and Development in Trinidad, and transportation infrastructure in Antigua, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


  • Consulting Engineers Civil Engineering.

  • Consulting, Small Hydro Small hydro engineering, 50 kW to 30MW. Planning, design, construction management and operation of plants. Due diligence and financial analysis for investors.

  • Land Development Planning and Engineering Planning and servicing for residential,commercial,and industrial land development across Canada ,in the USA and internationally.

  • Drainage Design of drainage works; provision of criteria and training seminars.

  • Consulting Engineer - Municipal - Water Supply Rehabilitation of Dams and Water Supply Systems,design and supervision of construction of municipal water supply pipelines.

  • Consulting Engineer - Municipal - Roads and Streets Planning and design and supervision of construction.

  • Consulting Engineer - Municipal - Traffic Engineering Traffic studies and intersection design and supervision of construction.

  • Consulting Engineer - Transportation-Bridges Design and supervision of construction of highway bridges.

  • Consulting Engineer - Environment - Impact Studies Environmental impact assessment for project approvals and sustainable development.

  • Consulting Engineer - Environment - Flood Control Specializing in development of criteria, legislation, flood control plans cost/benefit analyses, design and construction of flood control measures.

  • Environmental Consultant - Water Resources Planning Application of Watershed Planning and Management procedures originally developed and applied in Canada. Watershed,subwatershed and site analsis and mitigation.

  • Environmental Consultant - Flood Plain Control Flood hydrology, hydraulics and flood plain mapping design and construction supervision for flood control works.

  • Environmental Consultant - Urban Planning All aspaects of urban planning,including ultimate subdivision design and servicing for small and large urban environments.

  • Environmental Consultant - Stormwater Runoff Application of Best Management Practises for storm water management. Watershed,subwatershed and site analysis and design of stormwater management syatems.

  • Environmental Consultant - Sewage Treatment Plants Specializing in applications of new technology (e.g., Septech filter system) and various package plant systems.

  • Environmental Consultant - Field Sampling and Monitoring Design of monitoring programs and collection of data for environmental assessment and project approvals.

  • Environmental Consultant - Risk Assessment Development and application of Hydrologic Risk Assessment Computer Models (Risk and impact of drought and flooding).

  • Environmental Consultant - Systems Modelling Development and application of detailed computer water budget models.

  • Environmental Consultant - GIS Applications Application of ArcView; MAPINFO on Water Management projects. Provision of Training Seminars for GIS applications in Water Resources.

  • Consulting Engineer - Transportation ' Dredging Assessment and supervision of harbour dredging operations.

  • Consulting Engineer - Transportation Harbours Assessment , design and construction of small craft harbours.

  • Consulting Engineer - Power - Alternative Energy Assessment and design of small hydro,wind energy and energy recovery from waste.

  • Consulting Engineer - GIS Applications Engineering,planning,and environmental applications of MAPINFO and ARCINFO.

  • Environmental Consultant - Erosion Control/Landslide Protection Design and supervision of construction of erosion control measures.

  • Environmental Consultant - Coastal Areas and Shoreline Coastal studies and shoreline erosion protection.

  • Environmental Consultant Hydrology Regional hydrologic analyses; statistical hydrology; snow hydrology; water budget analysis; regional drought analysis, regional flood analysis, GIS based water resources data . management products, hydrologic modelling, hydrology of tailings management areas, and urban hydrology.

  • Environmental Consultant - Engineering Design/Specifications
  • Consulting Engineer - Buildings Structural
  • Environmental Consultant - Potable Water Supply, Treatment
  • Environmental Consultant - Energy From Waste
  • Environmental Consultant - Engineering Surveys

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