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  • 155 Sheldon Dr.
  • N1R7H6

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Industries Classification:
334220  Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing
Quality Certifications:
ISO 14001, ISO 9001
Total Sales ($CDN):
$50,000,000 +
Updated on:
2016-02-16,  Industry Canada
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COM DEV International Ltd. is a global designer and manufacturer of space hardware and systems. We are world leaders in the production of space-qualified passive microwave equipment, specialized electronics and optical subsystems. In addition, we provide microsatellite mission solutions ranging from mission concept studies to launch and operations. We have over 1,200 employees at facilities in Canada, the United Kingdom, India, China and the United States. Our stock symbol is T.CDV.


  • Satellite Products Satellite Products: Contiguous and non-contiguous multiplexers, high power waveguide and low power coax isolators; low pass harmonic reject filters; telemetry, command and preselect filters; adaptive variable power dividers and combiners; polarization switches, ferrite switches and beam reconfiguring subsystems.

  • Remote Sensing and Space Science Products Remote Sensing and Space Science Products: Custom design and manufacturing of subsystems and payloads for remote sensing including synthetic aperture radar, scatterometers, radiometers, optical imagers and space science instruments for greenhouse gas detection and sensing high energy charged particles. Equipment includes exciters (transmitters), receivers, onboard calibration hardware, antenna equipment, high power circuits, digital processors, imaging sensors, telescopes, actuators / steering mechanisms, and high voltage subsystems. COM DEV has full instrument capability in optical and remote sensing instruments.

  • IF Signal Processing and SAW Based Products IF Signal Processing and SAW-Based Products: Advanced signal processing components and subassemblies for satellite communications, channelizing and switching subsystems for mobile satellite and fixed satellite service (FSS), and radar subsystems, i.e. bandpass filters, dispersive delay lines, SAW oscillators and synthesizers, microscan Electronic Support Measures (ESM) receivers, code, analog and digital chirp waveform generators.

  • Microwave Switches, Filters and Multiplexers With over half the world market, COM DEV is the dominant global supplier of passive microwave technologies, including multiplexers and waveguide switches, coaxial switches and other microwave filter products for communications, science and exploration satellites and spacecraft.

  • Waveguide and coaxial switches COM DEV manufactures a broad range of electromechanical waveguide and coaxial switches, which form a critical part of communications satellite payloads. Our switches perform two main functions: they route signals to the appropriate piece of equipment on a satellite, and connect back-up equipment in the event of a primary system failure.

  • Satellite Space Science COM DEV provides specialized satellite instrumentation for earth observation, remote sensing and planetary science missions. Technologies range from electronics, rf and microwave to optical.

  • SURFACE ACOUSTIC WAVE DEVICES & SUBASSEMBLIES COM DEV’s design team includes internationally recognized experts in SAW technology. This in-house expertise not only provides unsurpassed design capabilities but has resulted in industry leading, proprietary SAW design simulation software. Our simulation software allows quick turn-around of custom designs and extremely accurate and reliable simulation data.

  • SWITCH/FILTERS/MULIPLEXERS COM DEV has manufactured microwave multiplexers and filters since 1974, building its reputation for performance and reliability on this core technology. Most fixed service communications satellites use input and output microwave multiplexers in the conventional C, Ku and Ka frequency bands.

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