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Marshall Mattress
  • 83 Bakersfield St.
  • M3J1Z4

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Germany, Japan, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
337910  Mattress Manufacturing
Updated on:
2015-06-09,  Industry Canada
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Marshall Mattress

Company Profile

Marshall Mattress is an original brand. The World’s first innerspring mattress was James Marshall’s individual pocket spring mattress design patented in 1900. With current pocket spring core patents in Canada and the U.S., Marshall Mattress Company has continuously improved its select range of bench-crafted bedding products to ensure a uniquely positive sleeping experience that offers the finest in full-body support, cushioned comfort and uniquely personal responsiveness. These proprietary sleep products are produced under the trademarks, Sleepmaker, Common Sense, Inner Spirit and Rest Assured. The patented pocket spring system is trademarked as Regal Pocket Coil.


  • Residential Mattresses and Foundations Residential brands (trademarked) with no-flip and 2-sided designs: a) Sleepmaker - featuring patented Marshall pocket spring core construction. 3 collections: Classique, Premium, Traditions b) Common Sense - featuring patented Marshall pocket spring core construction c) Rest Assured - featuring patented Marshall pocket spring core construction d) Inner Spirit - featuring select Marshall-loc innerspring construction

  • Hotel and Institutional Contract - Mattresses and Foundations Hotel & Institutional Contract: Sleepmaker and Inner Spirit brands designed specifically for the hospitality industry; 2 sided and 1 sided (no-flip) formats are available a) Sleepmaker #787 pocket spring is offered in three standard comfort formats: - Deep Plush Pillow Top, the ultimate hotel comfort bed design - Cushion Plush, the best comfort bed for comfort and durability - Posture Plus, firm and comfortable and easy to care for b) Inner Spirit #608 is available in 3 comfort levels. - Pillow Top, the ultimate comfort bed, with great support and more - Plush, a medium firm bed offering good comfort and durability - Firm, the basic hotel mattress; firm comfort in a traditional way

  • Healthcare Mattresses Restora Biocare (trademark) - is produced in Canada; Health Canada License #1582 - Class 1, Low Risk Medica Device. Proprietary product features laboratory-tested, high comfort and pressure relieving qualities found in Marshall's patented pocket spring core construction in hybrid function with select memory foam. Restora Biocare has been shown to be effective in a preventative means as well as supporting the general treatment of individuals experiencing the onset of wound risk or in another areas, such as indivuals experiencing issues of pain managment and/or sleep impairment concerns. This exclusive Marshall design works superbly with most makes and types of health care bed mechanism

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