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Emco Corporation
  • 1108 Dundas St E
  • N5W3A7

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Year Established:
Industries Classification:
416120  Plumbing, Heating and Air-Conditioning Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
Total Sales ($CDN):
$50,000,000 +
Updated on:
2015-03-19,  Industry Canada
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Emco Corporation

Company Profile

Emco Limited is one of Canada's leading distributors and manufacturers of building products for the residential commercial and industrial construction markets.


  • Industrial pipe valves and fittings Under Emco Distribution's industrial product category, we distribute carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloy pipe, valves and fittings (PVF) primarily to the oil and gas sector (chemical and petro-chemical), the pulp and paper industry, water and wastewater treatment facilities and mining and smelting operations.

  • Plumbing and hydronic heating products Wholesaler of plumbing and heating products including kitchen and bath fixtures and accessories and related plumbing products, pipe and fittings.

  • Waterworks Distributor of PVC pipe, valves and hydrants, geotextile products and high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe.

  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning & refrigeration (HVAC/R) Distributor of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) equipment including compressors, controls and accessories.

  • Roofing/shingles and wood fibre products Manufacturer and distributor of asphalt roofing shingles used in residential roofing, as well as industrial/commercial roofing products, dry felt paper, roof insulation, structural board, ceiling tiles and other specialty wood fibre products.

  • Stainless steel products for the commercial food service industry Manufacturer of pot and pan washing equipment for restaurants and other commerical and institutions. Manufacturer of stainless steel securityware for penal institutions.

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