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Elemental Controls Limited
  • 3230 Wharton Way
  • L4X2C1

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Year Established:
Industries Classification:
417930  Professional Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
Total Sales ($CDN):
$500,000 to $999,999
Updated on:
2017-03-13,  Industry Canada
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Elemental Controls Limited

Company Profile

A Canadian high technology company with over twenty years experience in high capital cost scientific instrumentation. We provide expertise in benchtop, and portable XRF and OES based analyzers optimized in the detection and identification of elemental analysis in liquids, solids and powders. Major markets include mining, petroleum, environmental, chemical and all segments of the metals industry.


  • Alloy Analyzer Spectrometer Benchtop and Portable Alloy Analyzers which use measuring techniques of XRF - Source based and OES - Spark (Argon) and OES - Arc (Air) based spectrometers for all alloy groups such as Iron, Nickel, Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, Titanium, Cobalt etc.

  • Niton XL800 XRF Alloy Analyzer This latest product to the market has risen to be market leader in one year, providing a small lightweight instrument with high accuracy and precision combined with product reliability and low operating costs. It is XRF source based and can measure low alloy steels, Stainless steels, nickel, titanium, cobalt and copper based alloys.

  • Niton XL700 Enviromental XRF A portable, battery operated analyzer capable of measuring various elements such as arsenic and lead in soils down to levels less than 50 ppm with lab level accuracy. Also can analyze for various coating materials.

  • PMI-Master OES Alloy Analyzer The latest design in portable OES analyzer from Worldwide Analytical Systems of Germany, provides battery operation, Windows based software, both Arc and Spark analysis, CCD detector technology, Carbon analysis for such markets as scrap recycling, inspection companies, pipelines, alloy producers etc.

  • Niton XL300 Lead in Paint Analyzer A small lightweight analyzer dedicated to the measurement of Lead Based Paints. Extremely fast and accuracte. HUD approved in the USA.

  • Niton XL500 XRF Mining Analyzer A portable, battery operated analyzer capable of measuring various elements such as base metals in drill core, mine feed, concentrates and tails with ranges from 50 ppm to 100 % with lab level accuracy.

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