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Radix Inc.
  • 5140 8th Concession Rd
  • Maidstone, ON
  • N0R1K0

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Mexico, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541330  Engineering Services
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Quality Certifications:
ISO 9001
Total Sales ($CDN):
$10,000,000 to $24,999,999
Updated on:
2017-04-17,  Industry Canada
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Radix Inc.

Company Profile

Founded in 1994 in Windsor Ontario, Radix primary focus was to create custom software solutions for manufacturing customers. The core technology team was staffed by experienced software developers, engineers and networking specialists. Today, Radix is now staffed with mechanical and electrical engineers, build team, controls, vision, and software developers creating advanced technology solutions combining automation, robotics, vision systems in a wide range of industrial applications. In September 2016, Canadian Business and Profit recognized Radix as one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in Canada. Among Radix’s satisfied customers are world class companies such as Ford, Honda, Linamar, Siemens, Magna, EDS, John Deere, Toyota and Proctor & Gamble. The company is affiliated with a number of world-class organizations including Siemens, ABB Robotics, Motoman Robotics, SICK, WEtech Alliance, Automated Imaging Association and was the first Partner System Integrator in Canada for Cognex Corporation. Radix has been a Certified Partner with Microsoft since 1996.


  • Single Camera Three Dimensional Robot Guidance Single camera, 3-D robot guidance is based upon commercially available vision products, with rapid calibration & setup & wide use in industrial settings.

  • Industrial Computing & Networking Professional custom software development with full network/system support for manufacturing. Web-based HMIs, database management, SCADA, plant intranets...Radix has been serving North American manufacturers since 1994.

  • Industrial Automation & Engineering Machine vision inspections for quality, gauging and robot guidance; PLC logic design & programming; robot programming; full automation cell design & production - Radix has been serving manufacturers in North America since 1994.

  • Custom software development Custom software development using Microsoft Windows-based programming languages & database solutions.

  • Product traceability - turnkey solutions Radix can provide turnkey product traceability solutions integrated with laser etching or pinstamping 2D data matrix codes or human readable text, vision verification, software/database management and RFID technologies.

  • Training Radix offers end user documentation, approval & as built drawings, full design documentation, as well as in plant or in house training courses.

  • Tool Tracker Radix received the Product Innovation Award from the Windsor-Essex Chamber of Commerce for its Tool Tracker product. Tool Tracker uses a sophisticated, high-speed visual tracking technology to precisely monitor and report the position of manual and automated tools during manufacturing assembly processes, facilitating error proofing & traceability for forward-thinking manufacturersTool Tracker - Patent Pending

  • Link2Logic (L2L) Link2Logic is a web-based application, accessible via most Internet browsers with a user name & password authentication process. It connects directly & continuously to the devices on your plant floor, providing ongoing monitoring & feedback of device status. Link2Logic is a powerful tool for manufacturers, providing complete control & traceability at the device level for the logic and programs associated to each device. With pre-defined backup schedules, complete history & other custom reports. Licensing is simple too – purchase the cost effective, management module and add on the number of devices you will need to access. Expand the number of devices as required to support up to 1000 devices from a single management module. Contact us today for access to a free Link2Logic demonstration.

  • Inspect Tracker Inspect Tracker is a vision based software product which connects inspection data with a virtual ?digital twin? InspectTracker is designed to be almost hands free, as the operator moves from defect to defect, quickly identifying and mapping the complex part surface. Voice commands are used to identity defect type, which is translated to a completely digital record of the inspection data. Data points are precisely located with the vision algorithms, mapping the data points on a virtual part model, or digital twin. The application is designed for ease and speed of use, allowing the highly trained inspector to focus on the quality assessment. The ?digital twin? virtual part record provides a comprehensive electronic quality record for each part & inspection sequence.

  • Quick Compare A software application that can either be installed as a stand alone application or integrated with Link2Logic. It provides rapid comparison between Cognex Insight camera job files to identify additions, deletions and/or changes to vision parameters. Easy to use, quick analysis of job changes, complete with reporting function that dramatically reduces trouble shooting of program files.

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