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Minotaur Software Ltd.
  • 202 Main St N
  • L6V1P1

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Azerbaijan, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2015-12-31,  Industry Canada
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Minotaur Software Ltd.

Company Profile

Minotaur Software, based in Toronto, Canada, has been providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions to mid-sized food and chemical manufacturers and distributors since 1985. Off the shelf packages constrict companies to a generic business process, and this does not reflect the reality of today's marketplace. Minotaur understands this reality, and provides flexible software solutions tailored to the unique way you do business. No two companies are the same, yet with Minotaur's vast experience and program solutions accumulated over the years, we can provide the system ideal for your operation. The Minotaur system was developed in-house, allowing the flexibility necessary to keep up with the changing needs of our customers. The Minotaur Business System offers the most up to date Windows technology, remote access to your business and a highly qualified customer support team from a company that is committed to working with their customers as their businesses grow and change. To provide a comprehensive software solution, the provider must be attentive to customer business requirements. In this regard, Minotaur listens, and together with you we analyze your specific needs and areas of focus. Our system offer one live program to manage. We also offer disassembly manufacturing for breaking down items into components and waste. Visit our website to learn more about what we can offer your growing company. We service clients all over North America.


  • MBS-Minotaur Business System The Minotaur Business System is a fully integrated, configurable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software solution for food and chemical Manufacturers, Distributors and Wholesalers. The software handles production and warehouse management, inventory control, accounting, EDI, QC and E-commerce.

  • Support and training for MBS system Minotaur offers the full implementation, support and training for the Minotaur Business System

  • Developer of MBS System Minotaur is the developer of ERP business solutions for small and medium sized manufacturers and distributors

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