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  • 200-4471 Innes Rd
  • Orléans, ON
  • K4A3J7

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611690  All Other Schools and Instruction
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2017-08-23,  Industry Canada
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MED2020 Health Care Software Inc., a Canadian company, is the leading provider of Health Information Management (HIM) software solutions to healthcare organizations across the continuum of care. Our innovative solutions help hospitals maximize efficiencies in the capture, grouping, reporting and transformation of data into information used in key decision-making. More than fifty percent of all Canadian hospitals use MED2020 software to prepare and submit patient visit-related data to provincial ministries of health and to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). First introduced to the Canadian market in 1996, MED2020’s flagship product, WinRecs™, has evolved to become one of the most comprehensive HIM software solutions on the Canadian Market. WinRecs is a customizable abstracting and reporting system that is currently being used by hospitals to support decision-making at corporate, regional and provincial levels. The WinRecs Suite of Products include solutions for all Inpatient, Clinical and Ambulatory Care services, including modules for DAD, NACRS, CJRR, Cancer Care, OHMRS, NRS and CCRS. In addition, MED2020 now offers an Edits Management Tool (EMT) for hospitals to create their own edits. MED2020 services are delivered from our Head Office in Ottawa as well as from our regional offices located in Manitoba and British Columbia. MED2020 has earned a reputation for developing solutions that address the real world needs of the Canadian health care industry. We are committed to developing products that meet both the functional needs of our clients and operate reliably each and every day.


  • WinRecs WinRecs is a customizable coding, abstracting and reporting application that is currently being used in hospitals at the corporate, regional and provincial levels. The WinRecs Suite of products includes solutions for all Inpatient services, Same Day Surgery, Ambulatory Care patients as well as a number of complementary modules including Concurrent Review and Chart Maintenance modules such as Central Patient Index, Chart Locator, Chart Deficiency and Release of Information.

  • Crystal Essentials Training Staff training is a critical investment for any health care institution. MED2020 offers custom-tailored training sessions to suit your specific needs. Our trainers are experienced in health information management, resulting in high-quality, industry-relevant training experience. As part of our services, MED2020 offers Crystal training specific to using the Crystal Reports software with the WinRecs suite of modules. This training is also offered online. The Crystal "Essentials" course is recommended to give users a solid foundation of skills on which to begin building their expertise in report writing.

  • Crystal Enhanced Training The ‘Crystal Enhanced’ course builds on ‘Crystal Essentials’ and is tailored to be relevant to facility needs. A pre-requisite for taking Enhanced training is completion of the ‘Crystal Essentials’ course and proof of completion may be required. All students receive a certificate of course completion after undertaking each course offered.

  • Historical Data Import Utility The Historical Data Import Utility will import historical files provided by CIHI directly into WinRecs and align the records from a facility's CIHI files with the ones already stored in their database. Once the data is loaded into the WinRecs system, virtually every historical record with an existing record in WinRecs will be linked, achieving complete comparative historical reporting for all DAD and NACRS groupers. The standard Crystal Reports™ in use today can even be utilized with these record sets.

  • Edits Management Tool The Edits Management Tool (EMT) allows any WinRecs user with assigned permission to create a new edit. Edits can be created for a given care type (AmCare, Inpatient) and are run alongside other embedded edits so all record validation happens in one step. Field Condition Rules are created to compare an abstract field against a value or group of values or against another field while Logical Condition Rules let you group field conditions together using logical operators (AND/ OR) to create highly specific edits. Flexible and powerful, EMT lets you create any edit ? from a simple comparison to the most involved expression ? and flag these as critical issues, errors, warnings or information in the abstract to alert coders to potential data issues.

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