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CaseBank Technologies, Inc.
  • 6205 Airport Rd
  • Mississauga, ON
  • L4V1E1

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Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541619  Other Management Consulting Services
561490  Other Business Support Services
611690  All Other Schools and Instruction
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$5,000,000 to $9,999,999
Updated on:
2017-01-12,  Industry Canada
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CaseBank Technologies, Inc.

Company Profile

CaseBank Technologies Inc., a Division of ATP, is a leading software and services company that provides integrated diagnostic and troubleshooting solutions for servicing complex equipment. Founded in 1998, CaseBank has roots in the aerospace and defense industries and has deployed solutions worldwide to support Fortune 1000 companies across a variety of industries including aviation, aerospace & defense, automotive, heavy equipment, transportation and high tech.


  • SpotLight® CaseBank specializes in harnessing the experience of your industry and your enterprise, and keeping it working for you. SpotLight®, our core product, delivers expert diagnostic guidance for solving equipment and process problems. It captures the experience of your global user community and delivers it as relevant, timely troubleshooting guidance where and when a problem occurs. When it comes to complex equipment and critical processes, the knowledge and expertise of an experienced work-force is our most valuable asset, so we guard the health and safety of our people accordingly. Yet we neglect to do the same for the enterprise by capturing and protecting its hard-earned experience. Retirements, illness, and the competitive environment steadily drain intellectual capital, leaving entire organizations vulnerable. To succeed in todays knowledge-based economy, there is no question that perishable experience must be preserved before it walks out the door. The intellectual capital of your organization in the area of diagnostic knowledge is the sum of the experience of your individual experts. SpotLight enables you to capture it all in one place—and to use it effectively. CaseBank provides the software tools, methodology and training to create successful SpotLight applications reliably and rapidly. Whether you need a turn-key web-based solution, a smart-phone and mobile capability, or a stand-alone Java-based application embedded in your product, Casebank’s solutions provide real-time guidance and assistance for efficient and cost effective decision making. For more information see our company website:

  • Specialized Knowledge Bases Each knowledge base or "case-base" is a specialized collection of Case Studies relevant to one particular knowledge domain--e.g. the CC130 aircraft, departmental operating procedures, in vivo drug interactions, etc... . Only real, documented events are developed into cases and published in the case-base. Most case-bases developed by CaseBank to date have documented faults within a type of equipment and support fault diagnosis within maintenance, repair and overhaul operations. The case-base grows with use. The more it is used, the better it becomes and the more complete it's contents. Field results show that traditional diagnostic systems have gaps in their problem solving abilities. SpotLight complements, and integrates with traditional fault isolation manuals and similar, traditional systems. SpotLight can serve organizations in two ways: as a powerful tool to minimize unplanned downtime on their own processes, systems, and equipment, and as a value-added sales and marketing tool that wins and keeps customers by delivering high quality support for the organization's products. Currently specialized knowledge bases exist for Bombardier regional aircraft, Honeywell gas turbine engines and APU's, the CC-130 and CP-140 aircraft and the T-56 turbo-prop engine common to these two aircraft. Many other specialized knowledge bases are currently under development. CaseBank appreciates any opportunity to discuss your requirements For more information see our website at:

  • Case-base development and knowledge management services CaseBank provides services ranging from simple software support, to complete turn-key system development, operation and maintenance, including subscription-based development and operation of strategic, industry-specific knowledge bases. SpotLight Casebase Development Services ----------------------------------------- Our trained knowledge engineers review and mine equipment maintenance documentation as well as existing maintenance and service records. Using our proprietary data-mining tools, CaseBank can provide case development quickly and efficiently, eliminating the burden of dedicating, or recruiting additional personnel. SpotLight Integration Services ----------------------------- CaseBank offers consulting and development services, to support the implementation of decision support applications in customer environments. This includes installation, training and integration with legacy systems, including Service and Maintenance Management suites, ERP systems and Call Management systems. SpotLight Casebase Administration Services ------------------------------------------ CaseBank offers complete turn-key solutions to your knowledge management challenges. In addition to the services mentioned, our staff can administer and maintain your knowledgebase for you. That knowledge can be made available to others wherever they might be within your organization, regardless of geography. SpotLight Training Services -------------------------- CaseBank offers scheduled training courses at its facilities in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, or on-site at the customer’s facilities: * SpotLight User Training * SpotLight Case Content Developer Training * SpotLight Casebase Administrator Training SpotLight Support Services ========================== In addition to contracted software support, providing ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the SpotLight software, CaseBank can provide as much or as little hands-on support as required, to transition customers at their own pace, to complete self-sufficiency in supporting their own knowledge systems. This can include monitoring and periodic audits of knowledge bases, to ensure that customers are making the best use of their knowledge base and maximizing their benefits from SpotLight. For more information please see our company website at:

  • SpotLight Knowledge Authoring Tools and Training SpotLight® delivers expert diagnostic guidance for solving equipment and process problems. It captures the global experience of your user community and delivers it as relevant, current troubleshooting guidance where and when a problem occurs. At the core of a SpotLight guided diagnostics and training solution is a technical knowledgebas (KB) containing all symptoms and solutions related to problems and failures within the subject equipment or process. While the value of a technical KB is intuitively well understood by many people, the establishment of a KB appears intimidating, risky, or downright impossible. In reality, it is a well-understood and manageable process. CaseBank has pioneered tools, techniques and methodologies for the creation and ongoing management of a technical knowledgebase—comprehensive tools and processes designed to establish and grow the initial KB as simply and consistently as possible. We can supply you with the same tools we ourselves use to create and maintain knowledgebases and train your staff in the same proven methodologies that work well for us. Furthmore, we can also provide any other level of follow-on support guidance or training you wish to ensure that your organization maximizes its return on the investment in SpotLight. More information is available on our website at:

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