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  • 200-20 Collonade Rd
  • K2E7M6

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Australia, Austria, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Republic of, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States
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334110  Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
561621  Security Systems Services (except Locksmiths)
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2015-03-17,  Industry Canada
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Established in 1989, CRYPTOCard’s primary focus is on Network Security and Identity Management. At CRYPTOCard, we're all about making sure that if somebody logs into your network, it's a somebody you know and trust. After all, what's the value of the rest of your security investment if it can be circumvented by a shared, stolen, hacked or recycled password? So whether you choose to protect your network against unauthorizied logons by installing BlackShield ID in-house, opt instead for the "no infrastructure" simplicity of our CRYPTO-MAS managed authentication service, or use our developer SDK's to embed strong authentication in your custom applications, we think you'll find our solutions are ahead of the pack with features that: -Reduce administration by automating provisioning tasks -Let you mix and match from the widest choice of token and tokenless solutions -Provide greater security policy control and flexibility -Optimize and simplify your user logon experience -Put real-time information and granular reporting at your fingertips -Demonstrate a superb return on investment Finally, we believe that all businesses regardless of industry, size or technical resources should be able to protect their on-line assets and the people with whom they share an on-line relationship. Whether you're a small business, large corporation or a service provider, you'll find we've got your size in stock. Full information, and an evaluation/download package is available free-of-charge on the company's website, which is located at


  • RB-1 Hardware Token RB-1 Hardware Authenticator Token A credit-card-sized authenticator, with keypad and removable batteries. The token provides secure password technology and works in Cisco, Checkpoint, Microsoft and Linux environments.

  • CRYPTO-MAS CRYPTO-MAS is the award-winning managed authentication service used by small business and large multi-nationals alike for solid, reliable and cost effective protection against unauthorized logons. For a small subscription fee an organization can protect VPN's Web portals, Outlook Web Acces, Citrix, Remote Web Workplace and other remote access solutions against unauthorized logons, often in as little as 24 hours. With CRYPTO-MAS there is no infrastructure investment, no staffing or training costs, no upgrade fees and no maintenance fees.

  • KT Series Keychain Token KT Series tokens are small, easy-to-use devices that generate one-time passcodes. These tamper-resistant devices can be used wherever strong authentication is required, including: VPN remote access, Web Site logon, Outlook Web Access, Windows Logon, Citrix Web Interface and Citrix Access Gateway.

  • ST-1 Software Token ST-1 Software Authenticator Token A software (JAVA) implementation of the RB-1 hardware token. The token provides secure password technology and works in Cisco, Checkpoint, Microsoft and Linux environments.

  • SC-1 Smart Card Token SC-1 Smart Card Token A software implementation of the RB-1 hardware token for Smart Cards. The token provides secure password technology and works in Cisco, Checkpoint, Microsoft and Mac envrionments.

  • SafeStick Secure USB Flash Drive MP-1 software token for SafeStick transforms this high security encrypted flash drive into a one-time password token that can be used to logon to BlackShield ID protected resource. Typical applications include logon to Outlook Web Access, Terminal Server and VPN remote access.

  • BlackShield ID BlackShield ID is a new, Web Services based strong authentication, token provisioning and management application that in combination with CRYPTOCard hardware, software, BlackBerry, SMS or 3rd Party OATH tokens enables organizations to efficiently and effectively protect against unauthorized logons resulting from shared, recycled stolen or hacked passwords. This solution is ideal for organizations with 5 to 1,000,000 users that want complete, in-house control of their authentication service and security policies. That want the ability to use any combination of hardware, software, hybrid, SMS and on-demand tokens. That want the flexibility to securely manage the service, provision users effortlessly, receive automatic alerts adn produce reports from anywhere with internet access and a browser. That want real-time activity views and workflow automation. That want relief from expensive time-based authentication and the resource drain of perpetual token repurchase and redeployment.

  • CRYPTO-Shield CRYPTO-Shield is a complete authentication solution for organisations that wish to run their authentication platform on Linux or Mac servers. It consists of a suite of applications designed for implementing and operating one time passwords using two-factor authentication. CRYPTO-Shield provides everything that is required for securing Remote Access, Domain and Desktop Logon or Web Portal access with two-factor authentication. CRYPTO-Shield customers benefit from reducing the risk associated with static passwords and increasing compliance with industry regulations, at a price any business can afford.

  • GrIDsure Authentication Method This flexible method allows an end-user to generate a one-time password without the requirement for hardware tokens or software applications. GrIDsure works by presenting the end-user with a matrix of cells during enrolment containing random characters, from which they select a 'personal identification pattern' (PIP).

  • MP-1 Software Token The MP-1 enhances the functionality of a device the user already carries, turning it into a token that can be used for authentication and transaction signing. Currently the MP-1 can be installed on: -Windows O/S systems, 32 or 64 bit including - XP, Vista, Windows 7 desktops - Windows 2003 and 2008 Server Family -BlackBerry Mobile Devices -Java phones -IronKey Enterprise Secure USB -SafeStick Secure USB

  • MP-1 Token for Java Phones With the release of BlackShield ID v2.6, Security Administrators can transform Java ME mobile phones into tokens that will generate PIN protected one-time passwords valid for strong authentication at VPNs, Web applications, Citrix and any other BlackShield ID protected on-line resources. This implementation of the proven Multi-Platform (MP) software token provides the advantages of AES-256 bit encryption-based hardware tokens without the associated cost and distribution issues. As an application installed on the mobile device it provides a viable alternative for organizations that do not want to rely on the availability of an SMS network for secure delivery of One-time passcodes.

  • SMS Token SMS delivery of one-time passcodes is the fastest and easiest way to turn any mobile phone into a token. There's no software to install or hardware to distribute significantly reducing the acquisition and operating costs of a strong authentication solution. OTP's are sent to SMS capable devices using either one of the pre-configured SMS service providers or by attaching an SMS modem to BlackShield ID.

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