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511210  Software Publishers
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2015-03-18,  Industry Canada
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Interactive Computers & Multimedia is a leading business performance improvement company offering comprehensive multimedia solutions to suit our clients' training needs. IC&M represents over 300 training programs from the training industries most reputable and respected companies from around the world. IC&M empowers clients with the most innovative and effective training solutions available - thereby providing skills, increasing productivity, reducing training costs and increasing employee retention. Most importantly, IC&M works closely with companies to gain an understanding of their training needs, corporate culture, and the technology available for content delivery. This consultative process coupled with IC&M's extensive experience and broad range of products and services provides for practical recommendations to solve a client's training needs. MEDIA: CD-ROM, Inter/Intranet(WBT), CBT, Laserdisc, Video, Books TOPICS:Management Effectiveness, Customer Service, Computer Skills, Supervisory Skills, Leadership, Project Management, Sales, Communication Skills, Team Building, Telephone Skills, Personal Effectiveness, Career and Life Planning, and more.... COURSEWARE PUBLISHERS: Harvard Business School, Glencoe, Tarragon,Wilson Learning, Infosource, Intercom, Training Direct, Xebec, Eduperformance, ITC, CTSC, Gartner Group,and more... LANGUAGES: Courseware is available in English and French. OTHER: Menuing and Tracking Software Registration and Scheduling Software Surveying Software Testing Software Computer Hardware and Laptops.


  • Harvard Business School These programs help managers at all levels develop their ability to manage and make decisions. Original, informative, and entertaining, the series combines state-of-the-art interactive multimedia technology with the latest thinking on best business practice. In its scope and richness, all program content lends itself to management development across all types of industries including service, manufacturing, and high tech. 1. High Performance Management: An in-depth interactive multimedia program designed to help managers enhance their managerial effectiveness and “people skills”; become skilled communicators and decision-makers; and achieve a consistently higher level of performance. 2. Managing Across Difference: is designed to help managers learn strategies to change unproductive patterns and habits by reframing diversity issues and questions for more effective decisions. The program is based on the idea that “diversity” in the business environment is not a problem to be managed away but rather an opportunity to develop greater personal and organizational effectiveness. 3. Teams that Work: is designed to help managers understand and examine the dynamics that operate within teams; diagnose the problems constraining team functions; plan appropriate interventions to remedy problematic team dynamics. 4. Realizing Change: is designed to help managers understand the difference between leadership and the impact of each on a change initiative; apply Professor John Kotter’s 8-step process for successful organizational change; overcome barriers to the change process using proven strategies and behaviors. 5. Coaching: is designed to help managers understand the coaching process, its benefits and challenges; acquire and use the skills required for effective coaching; and apply, as appropriate, different coaching approaches. 6. Yes! The Interactive Negotiator: This program helps managers understand and practice the Seven Elements of Principled Negotiation. It also adheres to a proven negotiation process and employs a set of analytical tools that enable smooth negotiation

  • Tarragon Can I...? series CAN I....? Performance Improvement Series * are Competency based * include Optional Pre and Post Testing * include Administration and Tracking System * include facility to add you logo, text, and sound to introduce the course The audience for the CAN I...? series is anyone seeking professional development to enhance their performance and contribution in the workplace. 1. Making your time count: In reality, time management is really self management. This course provides the skills and strategies to manage yourself to achieve your goals. 2. Exceeding you Customers’ Expectations: Develops new and practical skills for anyone in an organization for whom providing high levels of both internal or external customer service has been identified as a priority. 3. Negotiating for a Positive Outcome: Good negotiation skills ensure that we all work cooperatively and therefore more productively. 4. Taking in Information Effectively: Deals with taking the information in while getting your message across and is all about communicating information to others. 5. Getting your Message across: This course deals with communicating information to others. This course provides skills and strategies to achieve this aim 6. Participating In Project Teams: The success of a project is usually due in part to teamwork. This course aims to ensure that those joining project teams are able to add their full value from the start. 7. Coaching in the Workplace: Coaching enables skills and experience to be passed on by one employee to another, in a way that minimizes the disruption to established routines. 8. Dealing with Conflict: The most desirable method to handling conflict is the win/win approach. This course provides the means to help people work as partners not opponents. 9. Turning Problems into Opportunities: To successfully solve problems you need to have a positive attitude which enables you to view them as opportunities rather than barriers to success. 10. Everyone Sells: This course provides an understanding to assist you to maximize the value of your products and services to your customer, and hence your value to your organization. 11. Thinking Creatively: Will enable you to develop attitudes which will enhance your creative ability and demonstrates a number of skills and techniques you can apply to any situation. 12. Listening Effectively: To listen effectively you need to be both attentive and retentive. This course will show you how to process and retain more of the information you hear.

  • McGraw-Hill/Glencoe LEADERSHIP WEB: Four leadership roles are broken down into 30 business competencies vital to the developing manager. Focusing on practical, immediately applicable skills rather than impractical theories, the Leadership Web provides a structure for practising and applying these skills in your own organization. Working with Others Establishing goals and expectations Recognizing and Rewarding Behaviour Involving and Empowering Others Coaching and Developing Others Managing Conflict Managing a Diverse Workforce Communicating Effectively Dealing with the Problem Employee Personal Productivity Developing Career & Personal Life Skills Managing Time and Stress Making Effective Presentations Writing Effectively Managing Projects Thinking Creatively Continuous Improvement Building a Framework for Continuous Improvement Understanding and Reducing Process Variation Solving Problems Improving Processes Using Tools for Continuous Process Facilitating Groups Promoting Teamwork and Co-operation Providing Customer Service General Management Competencies Planning and Organizing for Performance Coordinating and Monitoring for Performance Using Financial & Quantitative Data Thinking Strategically Managing Change Interviewing for Selection and Promotion Appraising Employee Performance Understanding Employment Law UPGRADE: Through a high quality, easy to use interactive format, Upgrade enables trainees to learn a variety of skills---from blueprint reading to industrial safety to statistical process control. The program also includes a management software program that allows you to edit lessons and track trainee performance. Instrumentation and Control Introduction Measurement Devices Control Devices Troubleshooting Blueprint Reading: General Print Reading Process and Instrumentation Drawing Electrical Print Reading Mechanical Prints Pneumatics Introduction Control Devices Actuators Troubleshooting Programmable Controllers How PLC’s work Ladder logic Troubleshooting Industrial Safety Hazard Communication Lockout/Tagout Confined Space Entry Respirator Use Personal Protective Equipment Applied Ergonomics HM-126F Forklift safety General Skills TQM ISO 9000 Hand and Power Tools Troubleshooting Skills Measuring and Gauging Machining Principles of Machining Metal cutting Machinery CNC Machine Systems Electrical/Electronics Basic Electricity DC Circuits AC Circuits Motors and Transformers Intro to Electronics Solid State Theory Digital Electronics Hydraulics Introduction Pumps and Accumulators Flow Control Pressure Controls Actuators Troubleshooting Statistical Process Control Basic SPC Advanced SPC

  • Wilson Learning CD-Rom programs featuring a training consultant with video, sound, slide shows, games and simulations. Titles include: 1. Start to Sell: Focus your time and energy on getting in front of the people who will best help you develop your business. 2. Sell to Needs: People love to buy, they hate to be sold. If you understand your customer’s needs, you can identify and present a solution that bridges the gap between what they have and what they want. 3. No Trust? No Sale! Trust is the key to building effective and long-term sales relationships. 4. Connect for Success: If you want to connect with and influence others, it is important to communicate with them in ways in which they are comfortable. 5. Keep your Cool: We can’t control all of the events in our lives, but we can choose how we react to them. 6. Create Your Dream Job: Learn to be your own career counselor by helping three individuals explore answers to important questions about their talents, interest, and preferred environment. 7. Repacking Your Bags: Learn how to “unpack” and “repack” your physical, emotional, and intellectual baggage and put together a plan for personal fulfilment. 8. Relate With Ease: Improve your interactions with others by reducing misunderstandings, arguments, and tension. 9. Decide for Sure: The ability to make decisions helps you to avoid future problems as well as to find solutions to existing problems. 10. You Can Lead: A leader’s skill is in communicating ideals and motivating others to realize their own sense of purpose.

  • Intercom *Managing Performance *Civil Treatment for Managers *Achieving Service Excellence TELEPHONE SKILLS *Determining Caller Needs *On Incoming Calls *How to Handle the Irate Caller *Do's & Don'ts of Customer Service BUSINESS WRITING *Effective Writing *Effective Editing *Good Grief, Good Grammar *More Good Grief, Good Grammar

  • Training Direct (FTM) See FINANCIAL TIMES MANAGEMENT for course descriptions PERSONAL SKILLS *An Introduction to Assertiveness *Making Quick Decisions *Principles of Time Management *Practising Time Management *The Art of Negotiating PEOPLE MANAGEMENT *Coaching for Success *Delegation *Essentials of Interviewing Skills *Recruitment Interviewing *Grievance and Disciplinary Interviewing *Appraisal Interviewing *Building a Partnership *Effective Communication *Getting the Work Done *Developing People FINANCE *How Money Works in Business *Budgeting *Controlling Working Capital *Improving Your Profitability CUSTOMER CARE *Power to the Customer PROJECT MANAGEMENT *The Process *Planning: Tools and Technique *Tracking and Control QUALITY *The Quality Programme *An Introduction to Statistical Process Control *An Introduction to Total Quality Management OFFICE SAFETY *Working with Display Screen Equipment

  • Infosource MS OFFICE 4.2 Introduction MS OFFICE 7.0 Introduction, Intermediate MS OFFICE 97 Introduction, Intermediate and Advance Word 6.0 Word 7.0 Introduction Word 7.0 Intermediate Word 97 Introduction Word 97 Intermediate Word 97 Advance Excel 5.0 Excel 7.0 Introduction Excel 7.0 Intermediate Excel 97 Introduction Excel 97 Intermediate Excel 97 Advance PowerPoint 4.0 PowerPoint 7.0 Introduction PowerPoint 7.0 Intermediate PowerPoint 97 Introduction PowerPoint 97 Intermediate PowerPoint 97 Advance Access 2.0 Access 7.0 Access 97 Introduction Access 97 Intermediate Access 97 Advance WordPerfect Lotus Windows NT 4.0 Windows 95 Windows 3.1 more.....

  • Edu-Performance EDU-PERFORMANCE CANADA Le multimedia au service de votre formation Formation a WordPerfect 6.0; Formation a Microsoft PowerPoint 7.0 ; Formation a WordPerfect 6.1; Formation a Microsoft Access 7.0; Formation a Microsoft Word 6.0; Formation a Internet avec Netscape 3.0; Formation a Microsoft Word 7.0; Formation a Microsoft Outlook 97; Formation a Microsoft Word 97; Formation a Windows 95; Formation a Microsoft Excel 5.0; Formation a Lotus Word Pro; Formation a Microsoft Excel 7.0; Formation a Microsoft PowerPoint 97; Formation a Microsoft Excel 97; Formation a Microsoft Access 97

  • Financial Times Management Financial Times Management has been pioneering new training solutions and service innovations. They have lead the way in the development of multimedia as a highly efficient methods of sales training in today's interactive learning environment. PERSONAL SKILLS: 1. An Introduction to Assertiveness: This course is for anyone who wants to be a more effective communicator, whether they are currently too passive, too aggressive, or somewhere in between. 2. Making Quick Decisions: This interactive program will help anyone who needs to practice time management skills in real life situations. 3. Principles of Time Management: Looks at the general concepts of time management and analyses how efficiently time is used. It teaches principles to help you to make more productive use of your time. 4. Practicing Time Management: Shows you how to deal with disruption and develop the skills which will enable you to make the very best use of your working day. 5. The Art of Negotiating: This course uses a series of dramatic sequences to help you learn and apply the techniques you need to achieve “win-win” every time. PEOPLE MANAGEMENT 1. Coaching for Success: Explains the chemistry of the coaching partnership and gives practical, step-by-step guidance on the coaching process itself. 2. Delegation: Will sharpen your delegation skills, and help you get a picture of your own attitudes. All managers and supervisors will be more effective as a result of this course. 3. Essential Interviewing Skills: Teaches you basic interviewing skills which are the bedrock of good communication. It reinforces the vital basics so often overlooked in a busy working environment. 4. Recruitment Interviewing: Teaches you the specialist skills you need, and gives you a chance to practice, so when you do it for real you get it right every time. 5. Grievance & Disciplinary Interviewing: Knowing the right techniques to use can ease both parties through these often stressful interviews. This course gives you all the guidance you need, and a chance to practice what you have learned. 6. Appraisal Interviewing: Shows you how to conduct appraisal interviews which will motivate your staff and help them to spot their weaknesses, and eradicate them. 7. Building a Partnership: Managers will only get their policies converted into actions if they work well with their supervisors. This course explains the critical first step in building such a relationship. 8. Effective Communication: Shows team leaders how to talk to groups and be sure the message is getting across, and how to listen to people, and get on with them. 9. Getting the Work Done: Shows supervisors and managers how to organize themselves and their teams so that the work gets done on time and correctly. 10. Developing People: Shows you how to develop your staff to fulfill their and your potential, both as individuals and as team members. PROJECT MANAGEMENT 1. The Process: Will take you through four key areas that will ensure you and your team to know how to avoid problems and as a results improve resource scheduling and reduce costs. 2. Planning: Tools and Techniques: Takes you step by step through the appropriate tools and techniques and looks at ways to reduce costs and improve resource scheduling. 3. Tracking & Control: Will give you and your team the skills you need to keep your projects on course, and give you the confidence to take appropriate action if things do start to slip. FINANCE 1. How Money Works in Business: You are given a business to run with a profit target to achieve. During this exercise you are introduced to simple balance sheets and profit and loss accounts. 2. Budgeting: Will demystify the aspects of finance for managers who have no financial training, bu

  • Learning Insights Learning Insights bring the world of business and finance to desktops. The products strategically combine applied financial concepts; sound business practice and innovative learning theories to help businesses rapidly increase their professional performance. Corporate Finance Advisor: The product is designed for financial professionals who develop, influence, evaluate and implement capital budgeting, financial policy and capital structure decisions. It is relevant for mid-and-entry-level professionals. 1) Operating Strategy: Valuing the company Assess the operating plan 2) Financing Strategy: Designing Capital Structure Evaluate pro forma effect on shareholder value 3) Ownership Strategy: Maximizing Shareholder Value. Anticipate a strategic buyer’s perspective The Derivatives Workbook: Product helps user understand derivatives terms and concepts and obtain quick “fair” value pricing for products used in real world risk management applications. Risk Insights: Product uses commentary, stories and case studies related by 15 leading experts. Risk Insights begins with foundational information and proceeds to more sophisticated levels. Capital Raising Alternatives: Provides financial practitioners easy access to comprehensive information on the full spectrum of capital raising instruments.

  • Xebec All of their products are designed around a set of core values; beliefs they have about customers, character and relationships. They are committed to effective learning for the people who use their courses for self development, and to results for those who buy them. COMMUNICATION SKILLS 1. Business Calls: Teaches employees how to build effective business relationships which leave a lasting, positive, impression. The emphasis is on “doing” and “exploring” using case studies taken from a wide range of organizations. 2. Business Words: Will improve the efficiency of your organization’s written communications - and help avoid misunderstandings that decrease productivity and hurt morale. Checklists help pinpoint goals and assist students to be more persuasive. 3. Business Communications: Helps employees do a better, more productive job by listening with understanding, asking the right questions, interpreting body language and getting their point across more effectively. 4. Business Meetings: Through real-life scenarios this course helps employees learn the secrets of contributing to and running successful meetings. MANAGEMENT SKILLS 1. Leading Teams: Gives employees opportunities to take on the role of team leader through interactive simulations. Students get practice and advice on motivating people, handling conflict, setting goals and building a team culture. 2. Managing Tasks & Activities: Helps managers master time management, project planning, delegation and problem solving. 3. Managing Performance: Offers managers a system to improve employee performance and motivation through a series of practical steps that make appraisal a continuous process. 4. Coaching for Results: Shows managers how to help employees improve performance and motivation. Through case studies, students are shown how to set up a coaching relationship and make it work. FINANCE FOR NON FINANCIAL MANAGERS 1. Money in Business 1: Introduction to Business Finance makes basic business finance concepts easy to understand for anyone. 2. Money in Business 2: Managing Cash Flow for Profit explains what cash flow is and why good management of cash flow is so crucial. 3. Money in Business 3: Effective Budgeting leads students through the entire budget process from preparation to evaluation of options to follow-up. CUSTOMER SERVICE 1. Customer Service Excellence 1: Getting ready for Customers helps meet the challenge to assure that excellent customer service permeates through the organization. 2. Customer Service Excellence 2: Successful Customer Contact helps employees succeed with every customer interaction - on the phone, in writing, or in person. The course is designed to help employees CARE - Contact, Analyze, Respond and Exceed. 3. Customer Service Excellence 3: Excellence in Demanding Situations explores a range of techniques employees can us to solve problems and retain customers. ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS 1. New Employee Orientation: helps provide employees with basic information key to starting a new job (health and safety, security, legal, customer service, written and oral communications). BUSINESS IN SIGHT 1. Marketing: helps executives and managers identify, evaluate and satisfy customer needs. 2. Business Strategy: helps managers understand the art of business strategy. It provides them with techniques to analyze situations strategically, formulate options, and make critical decisions. It also show them what’s involved in translating strategy into action.

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