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Sanimax Limited
  • 5068 Whitelaw Rd
  • N1H6J3

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Japan, United Kingdom, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
411120  Oilseed and Grain Wholesaler-Distributors
418320  Seed Wholesaler-Distributors
418310  Agricultural Feed Wholesaler-Distributors
Total Sales ($CDN):
$50,000,000 +
Updated on:
2017-03-15,  Industry Canada
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Sanimax Limited

Company Profile

International marketing/trade of rendered by-products, feed ingredients, frozen meat by-products, bird seeds, crop & feed stabilizers & specialty food ingredients. Services include warehousing, distribution, & bulk to bagging facilities.


  • Agri-products Blood Meal Bone Meal Duck Meal Feather Meal Fish Meal Herring Meal Lamb Meal Lo-Ash Poultry Meal Meat Meal Poultry Meal Turkey By-Product Meal Fats & Tallows Bleachable Fancy Tallow Canola Oil Choice White Grease Fish Oil Lard Lo-Acid Poultry Fat Poultry Fat Soya Oil Turkey Fat Yellow Grease Minerals Bentonite (Granular & Powder) Calcium Sulfate Copper Sulfate Dicalcium Phosphate Ferrous Sulfate Magnesium Oxide Mg & K Sulfate Potassium Chloride (Dyna K White) Zinc Oxide 72% Alfalfa Cubes Alfalfa Meal Alfalfa Pellets Beet Pulp Pellets Beet Pulp Shreds Bicarbonate of Soda Bran Canola Meal Caralac Plus Choline Chloride 60% Corn Distillers Cotton Seed DL Methionine Dried Molasses Epsom Salts Limestone L-Lysine Oilcake Meal Linseed Meal Poultry Grit Urea Whey Powder Whey Permeate Animal Digests Brewers Rice Brewers Yeast Clumping Cat Litter Corn Oil Feeding Oil Field Stripe Linseed Oil Mineral Oil Skim Milk Powder Soybean Oil Stable Boy Taurine Vitamins Wheat Middlings Whole Egg Powder Dog Treats Bones Pork Rolls Hooves Pig Ears Amber Millet Australian Winter Peas Black Beans Black Oil Sunflower Black (Oil) Stripe Sunflower Canary Seed Canola Seed Century Peas Cranberry Beans Dehulled Millet Eston Lentils Faba Beans Flax Seed Grey Stripe Sunflower Golden German Millet Green Peas Hemp Seed In-Shell Peanuts Laird Lentils Maple Peas Marrowfat Peas Navy Beans Niger Seed Oat Groats Peanut Hearts Peanut Pickouts Pigeon Corn Popcorn Red Milo Red Proso Millet Safflower Seed Siberian Red Millet Small Dent Corn

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