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Process Inc.
  • 241 Patricia Ave
  • K1Y0C6

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611420  Computer Training
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2017-06-20,  Industry Canada
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Process Inc.

Company Profile

Process Inc's founding partners came from Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute (SEI), working with Watts Humphrey. Our broad process improvement experience has been gained with public and private sector organizations whose applications cover the range from corporate information systems to aerospace, who are located in the US, Canada, Asia and Europe, and who span all five levels of the maturity model. We provide organizational assessments, training and coaching in organizational commitment management, and strategic analysis, planning and management of organizational performance improvement initiatives.


  • Education & Training Process Inc provides a variety of courses and seminars on process improvement, including the SEI's Introduction to the CMMI. Our course offerings range from executive seminars to practitioner workshops, and all receive rave reviews from participants.

  • Process Assessment/Improvement We provide process assessments against the SEI's Software Capability Maturity Model (CMMI). These assessments can be oriented to identifying high ROI improvement opportunities, or compliance to the CMMI. We provide coaching and training for improving software processes, as well as general business processes.

  • Software Process Assessment SEI CMMI software process assessments. Authorised lead assessors by the SEI (Software Engineering Institute).

  • Business Process Assessment Assessment of business processes against a 5-level maturity model that allows identification of priorities in improvement efforts.

  • Project Risk Management Risk Assessment and installation/monitoring of Continuous Risk Management, based on the Software Engineering Institute's Risk Management method.

  • Organizational Commitment Management Training and Coaching We provide seminars and coaching on how to become an organization that reliably delivers on its commitments. This involves processes and practices at both the organizational and personal level, and is based on extensions to the proven CMMI model.

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