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ITECH Computer Products Inc.
  • 1-1800 Appleby Line
  • L7L6A1

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United States
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541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2017-03-16,  Industry Canada
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ITECH Computer Products Inc.

Company Profile

Group ICP provides professional Information Technology solutions to corporate, government, academic and research clients in North America. In business since 1989, we specialize in providing on-time, on-budget solutions to your business challenges. No charge initial consultation. Itech was founded in 1989 to provide information technology consulting, high-quality computer systems and technical services to businesses in the Hamilton-Burlington area. Over the years, Itech has developed a reputation for providing outstanding service, and uncompromising quality in its products. In addition, Itech has become a leading area provider of SCO Unix systems and SBT accounting software. Itech also offers network design and installation, custom programming, and training.


  • Information Systems Consulting We offer general information technology consulting services to assist our clients in developing their information systems.

  • Network Design and Installation Our services include network design, structured cable system installation, network installations, and support and maintenance. Our expertise covers both local-area and wide-area networking.

  • Hardware Maintenance and Repair Itech's technicians can maintain and repair most brands of computer systems, peripherals, and networking equipment.

  • Internet Services Itech offers Internet connectivity to businesses via ISDN and dedicated analog connections. We also offer World-Wide Web site hosting and design services, as well as Internet presence consulting.

  • Custom Programming We offer custom programming in various programming languages on both Microsoft and Unix platforms. We also offer relational database design services.

  • User Training and Support Itech can provide user training and support for most applications and operating systems. Courses may be custom-designed to meet the needs of your users, and may be held at Itech's offices or on-site.

  • SCO Unix and Xenix The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) is the world's leading provider of multiuser Unix operating systems. Combined with Itech's Unix expertise and our high-performance computer systems, SCO Unix provides a highly reliable computing platform for critical business computing. Starting with the solid foundation of SCO OpenServer 5.0, Itech can build a computing environment that meets your applications server, DOS/Windows file server, and Internet server needs...all on one highly cost-effective machine. Itech also continues to support SCO XENIX. If yours is one of the many business still running Xenix, we can help keep you going. And when you're ready to move up to Unix, we'll help you to make the transition.

  • SBT Accounting Software SBT leads the world in modifiable multi-user accounting systems. Itech can customize the standard SBT accounting modules to meet your unique business needs. We can also provide training and support for your accounting system users to help them maximize their productivity. VisionPoint 2000 is the ninth major release of SBT's well-proven VisionPoint product line. Solving the "Year 2000 Problem" with support for transaction dates beyond 1999, and supporting concurrent DOS and Windows systems, VisionPoint 2000 is well-equipped to carry your business into the next decade. As with the entire VisionPoint line, VisionPoint 2000 is a modular and modifiable system, letting you build exactly the accounting system you need.

  • Computer Hardware Products Itech is committed to providing only the highest quality hardware products. We carry a full range of computer systems, peripherals, and networking hardware from major vendors. Itech also manufactures custom-designed personal and business computer systems, including multiprocessor servers and rack-mounted equipment.

  • Computer Software Products Itech carries a full line of software for Microsoft DOS, Windows, Windows 95, and SCO Unix.

  • Information Technology Solutions Information Technology Solutions and Consulting.

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