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Community First Developments Inc.
  • 303-2171 Avenue Rd
  • M5M4B4

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Algeria, Chile, China, Cuba, India, Japan, Philippines, Viet Nam
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
236110  Residential Building Construction
Total Sales ($CDN):
$500,000 to $999,999
Updated on:
2015-04-08,  Industry Canada
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Community First Developments Inc.

Company Profile

Community First Development Inc. was formed in 1995 to provide resource and community development consulting services to the residential housing industry. CFD is recognized as providing high quality models of self-managed housing for groups such as co-operatives, private non-profit, and equity developments throughout the greater Toronto, Ontario area. In building design, construction, development and property management, CFD offers service tailored to the clients needs. CFD works with all groups - including special needs groups such as seniors, physically challenged - to design, build and manage a housing development where quality of life, economic development and independence of lifestyle are enhanced. CFD is offering its services abroad in the planning, construction, and development of both residential and recreational projects to meet each community's specific needs. It is seeking part- nership in the construction and investment sector abroad - particularly in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and China. It is interested in pre-fab housing products, especially where construction-training and community development can also be included in its services. Environmental concerns are an integral consideration in project development. Affiliations : Institute of Housing Management , Ontario Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association Board of Trade of Metropolitan Toronto Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada.


  • General Building Construction General Building Construction Community First Developments builds equity housing and rental housing units. We meet each client's specific needs by bringing attention to detail, high quality of construction, and design : also for special needs groups - the elderly, religious affilia- tions, and the physically disabled.

  • Buildings ( apartments) Buildings ( apartments) Community First Development builds equity housing and rental housing units. We meet each client's needs by bringing attention to detail - high quality of construction, and design : also for special needs groups - the elderly, religious affi- liations, and the physically disabled.

  • Commercial Education and Training Commercial Education and Training Community First Development offers education, training and workshops to individuals and groups interested in developing skills for self-managed housing (such as required in housing co-operatives and non-profit groups), and workshops for adults interested in community and economic projects and life skills training, including micro-computer training.

  • Management Consulting Management Consulting Community First Development offers consulting services to housing providers and to funding groups interested in developing self-managed housing models. We also assist established housing groups in the evaluation, and implementation of property mana- gement systems, offer skills up-grading, organize strategic planning with topical workshops, and facilitate community and economic development projects.

  • Other services Other : Adult Education, Life Skills Training, Computer Training, Urban Planning, Community Development, Economic Development Community First Development Inc works with groups to assess their needs and to design and implement adult educational workshops to meet those needs. We also assist in identifying developing opportunities in the community for economic growth and retraining potential, including micro-computer skills.

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