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Polygon Consulting Inc.

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541330  Engineering Services
541612  Human Resources Consulting Services
561110  Office Administrative Services
541611  Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Updated on:
2016-01-31,  Industry Canada
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Polygon Consulting Inc.

Company Profile

Polygon Consulting offers help in sorting out the complications of starting and running a small business. Services generally fall into the following categories. Business and Product Plans: We discuss your ideas, obtain additional information from outside sources, organize facts, and prepare convincing presentations. Our goal is to discover and solve potential problems in the planning stage before they become a threat to the business. Business proposals and valuations. Information to help you make decisions: Most businesses have gold mines of information sitting unused in their filing cabinets and computer files. You know your business best, but you may not always have the time to examine trends and early warnings of changes in your marketplace or company performance. We help you explore what data would be useful, what you already have, and how to get the rest. We organize it to be easy to understand and use. Review of Business Practices: Based on interviews with key people identified by you, we provide a confidential review of how your administrative practices measure up, how others handle similar situations, and opportunities that you may have previously overlooked. We identify and coach you on habits that would be useful and easy for you to acquire, as well as outlining larger projects to increase the success of your business. Our overall approach is to use planning methods, information management, personal computers and communications skills to provide tailored business solutions. We serve businesses based in the Ottawa area.


  • Business Consulting Plans, team building, reviews of management practices.

  • Business Plans Synergistic approach to considering all aspects of the business in the context of strategic issues.

  • Operations Review Comprehensive audit of management practices to look for opportunities and diagnose business problems.

  • Coaching Helping organizations sort through priorities and alternatives.

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