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InterActive Arts
  • 70 Chatham Ave
  • M4J1K6

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Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Japan, United Kingdom, United States
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Industries Classification:
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2015-01-03,  Industry Canada
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InterActive Arts

Company Profile

We are an Internet Consulting company. Our services help companies use the Internet as a tool for increased business and profitability. We are experts in web page design, email management, and Internet presence management.


  • InterActive Arts We offer legal professionals a comprehensive and reliable means to use the Internet to improve their practice. We also offer consulting services to use the Internet as a business tool.

  • Internet Consulting We provide internet consulting to businesses: evolving their goals and objectives to new media and new technologies.

  • website design and redesign We will work with you to take your message online. Ecommerce, customer service, or marketing, we will help you realize your business goals in an online environment.

  • usability testing How do you know your website works? How do you know if your customers are getting what they need? Our usability evaluation will help you make sure your website or online service is meeting your customers' needs as well as your own.

  • information architecture You have the content and the expertise. Now the question is: how to you make that content available? How do you showcase your skills? Why should people buy from you? Our methods with information architecture will help you create a user experience that will turn visitors into customers.

  • project management Understanding the life cycles of projects is crucial to their success. It is also important to understand that projects are successful, or not, because of the people who work on them.

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