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Greenland International - Consulting Engineers
  • 120 Hume St
  • L9Y1V5

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541330  Engineering Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2015-06-02,  Industry Canada
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Greenland International - Consulting Engineers

Company Profile

The GREENLAND® Group of Companies includes thirty (30) professionals working for: • Greenland International - Consulting Engineers; • Greenland Technologies Group; or, • Urban Watershed Group. The organization employs professional engineers, scientists, geographers, biologists, environmental planners, technologists and landscape architects. Our offices are located in Collingwood and Greater Toronto, Canada, as well as research and development affiliates operating from Canadian and U.S. universities. The professional services provided by Greenland International - Consulting Engineers include: - Municipal Infrastructure Designs / Construction Administration; - Private Water System Evaluations /Opinions; - Environmental Site Assessments and Remediation; - Watershed and Subwatershed Management Plans; - Water Quality and Assimilative Capacity Analyses; - Environmental Restoration and Resource Management Plans; - Stormwater Pond and Drainage System Retrofit Projects; - Master Environmental Servicing and Functional Servicing Plans; - Stream Rehabilitation/Remediation and Erosion Modelling Analyses; - Flood Risk Mapping, Flood Remediation Plans, Flood Control Designs and Flood Forecasting Systems; - Groundwater Management Plans; - Coastal Engineering and Shoreline Protection; - River Ice Engineering Control Works; - Sanitary Sewer, Stream Health (Biological/Water Chemistry), Storm Water Management Pond Performance & Groundwater Monitoring Programs; - Water Balance and Hydrogeologic Investigations; - Fish Passage Designs and Habitat Rehabilitation; - Hydropower Systems; - Urban and Environmental Planning Document Reviews; - Expert Testimony; - Land Development Engineering (Urban Watershed Group); and, - Software Development/Training (Greenland Technologies Group). Business in ENGLISH.


  • CANWET® (v.4) - (CAnadian Water Evaluation Tool) In 2011, GREENLAND® completed development of "integrated" water balance (daily) and nutrient budget software to accurately assess waste loadings from non-point (diffuse) sources and predict changes associated with the implementation of Best Management Practices. This software (called CANWET® Version 4.0) can be coupled with a stream assimilative capacity model. This GIS-based model was developed originally for Ontario, Canada and can simulate runoff, sediment and nutrient loadings, given variable-size source areas (e.g. agricultural, forested and developed land); calculate septic system loads; and, allow for the inclusion of point source discharge data - including wastewater treatment plants. The program includes an intuitive and stable interface whereby users will be able to quickly create source protection models from scratch. Other features are also being created including customized output files, cross scenario plotting, importing routines and search tools. The software also has a predictive modelling component for evaluating the implementation of both agricultural and non-agricultural (including golf courses) pollution reduction strategies at the subwatershed level, in case that future pollutant loads are found to be higher than pollutant loads under existing conditions. It allows the user to create various “scenarios” in which future landscape conditions and pollutant loads (both point and non-point) can be compared against conditions that reflect the use of different pollution reduction strategies, such as Best Management Practices, restoration of wetlands, the conversion of septic systems to centralized wastewater treatment and upgrading of treatment plants from primary to secondary to tertiary. This tool includes pollutant reduction coefficients for nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment, and also has built-in cost information for an assortment of agricultural BMPs and septic system and wastewater treatment plant upgrades. The latest upgrades for "CANWET® Version 4.0" included expanding the modelling tool’s Geographic Information System (GIS) interface for public domain applications; developing web-link interfaces with climate change and nutrient trading tools; integrating new contaminant modelling capabilities for pathogens, bacteria and other pollutants; and, incorporating new Best Management Practices supported by science. This project is also key to support ongoing Canada-U.S. software collaborations about the Great Lakes that involve GREENLAND®, University of Guelph and Penn State University.

  • ISWMS® (v.1) - (Integrated Stormwater and Watershed Management System) At the turn of the new millenium, GREENLAND® identified the need for a comprehensive management tool to deal with the “multiple watershed management objectives” - particularly those related to human health/safety and watershed ecosystems. The purpose of the “Integrated Stormwater and Watershed Management System (ISWMS®)” is to provide a computer modeling and database management tool geared towards multi-objective oriented ecosystem planning. Although many modeling tools have been developed that can be used for different purposes in stormwater and watershed management, there was a lack of integrated modeling tools at the time. Functionally, ISWMS® adds specific decision functionality for flood forecasting, water balance, erosion analysis, and hydrologic and hydraulic design and analysis. The system can also be used for uncertainty analysis in this era of potential global warming and climate change impacts upon our water resources. It is intended to implement a unique combination of technical planning level or detailed analysis capabilities and database integration. In addition, ISWMS® operates on a database management engine using either internal or external data warehouses such as existing GIS systems or other databases. Remote data access technology also makes use of existing data stored at regulatory agencies. The initial software phase was completed by GREENLAND® in 2001. The software has since been tested successfully for watershed management projects in Canada. GREENLAND® was retained by the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (Ontario, Canada) to prepare a flood forecasting model for the entire Nottawasaga Valley Watershed using ISWMS® . In collaboration with other software initiatives by GREENLAND®, the ISWMS® model will not only have application in Canada but also worldwide for managing water resources.

  • Professional Engineering and Landscape Architectural Services While visionary in 2004, the Greenland Group (GREENLAND®) brand has combined traditional engineering methods and emerging technologies with a conservationist ethic. This unique business model has effectively served developers, industries and all levels of government to find sustainable solutions that can be arrived at in no other way. The Greenland Group includes Greenland International - Consulting Engineers, Urban Watershed Group, Greenland Technologies Group, and other professional affiliations. The core business units are highlighted on our website, The organization is Canadian-based, and since 1994, has provided innovative and high quality products and services. GREENLAND® has demonstrated innovation by forging new ideas and partnerships from scoped research with high-profile engineering projects. As technologies move from leading edge to mainstream, we are keeping pace by enhancing our technical resources in response to the needs of our clients. These include our proven credentials in the environmental infrastructure and urban land servicing disciplines, as well as consulting on matters of regulations, policies & standards.

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