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SafeNet Canada Gemalto
  • 200-20 Colonade Rd
  • K2E7M6

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417310  Computer, Computer Peripheral and Pre-Packaged Software Wholesaler-Distributors
417320  Electronic Components, Navigational and Communications Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2016-06-21,  Industry Canada
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SafeNet Canada Gemalto

Company Profile

SafeNet (Nasdaq: SFNT) is a global leader in information security. SafeNet provides complete security utilizing its encryption technologies to protect communications, intellectual property and digital identities, and offers a full spectrum of products including hardware, software, and chips. SafeNet technology is the de facto standard in remote access client software and the market leader in USB authentication tokens that eliminate user names and passwords; SSL acceleration devices providing fast and secure online transactions; software security, and licensing products preventing software piracy; high-assurance security products; and SecureIP Technology licensed to Internet infrastructure manufacturers, service providers, and security vendors.


  • Luna SA Luna SA is a flexible, Ethernet-attached HSM (Hardware Security Module) Server offering powerful cryptographic acceleration, hardware key management, and multiple configuration profiles for applications where security and performance are a priority.

  • iKey 2032-USB Token The SafeNet Borderless Security iKey™ 2032 USB token is a compact, two-factor authentication token client security for network authentication, e-mail encryption, and digital signing applications. Its low-cost, compact design, and standard USB interface make it easier to deploy than smartcards or one-time PIN tokens

  • Data Encryption Protecting data at the asset level via data encryption is the ultimate line of defense against unauthorized disclosure of confidential electronic information. Mobile devices containing confidential data can easily be lost or stolen, and data transmitted through a corporate network, or via the internet, can be intercepted. This imposes considerable risk to sensitive data. A data thief hacker, or malicious employee/ex-employee, who is savvy enough to penetrate through all the perimeter security measures employed in a competent network, must still break through the most difficult and final frontier of fortification; data encryption. SafeNet ProtectDrive, ProtectFile and ProtectPack software solutions deliver the ultimate line of defense protecting the storage and transmission of sensitive data on laptops, desktops, servers and mobile devices.

  • SONET Encryptor The SafeEnterprise SONET Encryptor has been designed to integrate transparently and simply into the SONET/SDH network architecture. High-speed throughput and extremely low latency make it ideal for high-speed data and time-sensitive voice and video applications. Users value a single solution providing scalable performance and seamless end-to-end integration to deliver improved network operations and performance without compromising security, and the SafeEnterprise SONET Encryptor is the perfect solution. It employs the federally endorsed AES algorithm with the flexibility to be deployed in OC3/STM1 (155Mbps), OC12/STM4 (622Mbps), OC48/STM16 (2.4Gbps), and OC192/STM64 (10Gbps) SONET/SDH networks. The SafeEnterprise SONET Encryptor can be centrally controlled or managed across multiple remote stations using SafeNet's SafeEnterprise™ Security Management Center (SMC), which uses SNMPv3, the first secure version of SNMP. SMC management is available via an Ethernet port or in-band on the SONET/SDH network. The SafeEnterprise SONET Encryptor supports both path and line SONET/SDH encryption at various rates and at distances up to 40 kilometers (OC48/STM16 Encryptor) or 80 kilometers (OC192/STM64 Encryptor). For added security, each encrypted circuit uses an independent encryption key pair. In addition, section, line, and path overhead bytes can be selectively encrypted, zeroised, regenerated, or bypassed.

  • Ethernet Encryptor The SafeNet SafeEnterprise™ Ethernet Encryptor is a high-performance Layer 2 security appliance designed to protect 10Mbps and high-speed Ethernet networks at speeds up to 100Mbps and 1Gbps. With seamless end-to-end integration, the SafeEnterprise Ethernet Encryptor delivers instant protection across the network. Like all SafeNet high-speed security appliances, the SafeEnterprise Ethernet Encryptor is managed by the SafeEnterprise Security Management Center (SMC), a robust, Java™-based policy management software application with secure, flexible, and transparent SNMP-based control and monitoring capabilities. The SMC provides the ability to define integrated security policies that can be centrally and remotely distributed across multiple devices.

  • EFT HSM Highest performance EFT HSM on the market Physically secure, tamper-protected Hardware Security Module Meets Global Payment Processing, EMV and Card Issuance standards Performs symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography Off-loads time-consuming cryptographic functions from its host Upgrades can be cost efficiently performed at the in-field location ProtectHost White specifically meets the needs of payment processors, card issuers, acquirers, switches, merchants and e-payment solution providers to adhere to American Express, Diners Card, JCB, MasterCard and VISA standards. The ProtectHost White HSM performs application-level cryptographic and key management processing on behalf of the host computer to which it is attached. It delivers secure key storage, DES, 3DES and RSA cryptographic processing, PIN encryption, digital signature generation & verification, secure key loading, plus PIN and key mailer printing. ProtectHost White delivers excellence in four critical transaction security fields: Security, Performance, Extensive Command Set and Applications and Easy Management.

  • Sentinel USB Keys Sentinel Hardware Keys are the most secure hardware token available in the world. Both public key cryptography and 128-bit AES encryption are used to secure communications between the key and the protected application. Middle layer attacks such as record and playback, and driver emulation are effectively stopped. A unique encryption key is used for every communication session between the application and the hardware token, making brute force attacks virtually impossible. In addition, the keys include internal authentication, which effectively prevents cloning of the keys.

  • SafeXcel IP SafeNet offers a wide range of unique, state-of-the-art semiconductor IP solutions for seamless integration of powerful security into advanced SoC designs. With SafeNet as a partner, semiconductor vendors benefit from a complete, ready-to-deploy hardware/software security system, rather than just a security hardware component (more information about QuickSec security software). Silicon-proven and ready-to-use, the SafeXcel IP security engines are the most reliable security solution for chip designers - delivering quick time-to-market while reducing design and engineering cost. The world’s leading chip manufacturers, including Texas Instruments, AMCC, PMC-Sierra, Samsung, Faraday, AMD and ARM trust SafeNet’s silicon-proven SafeXcel IP products for their embedded security needs, giving SafeNet the biggest licensed \security IP footprint in the networking/communications semiconductor industry.

  • IPSEC VPN Appliance Built scaleable to meet the demands of today’s headquarter and enterprise-class networks, it provides key security and data management features including IPSec VPN tunneling. FIPS certified and operating at GigaBit full-duplex rates with support for TDES and AES, the SafeNet HighAssurance 4000 Gateway is ideal for regulatory controlled environments and provides better performance-to-cost ratios than integrated VPN/Routing solutions. It maximizes cost and time savings by optimizing security, performance, interoperability, and manageability. By enabling companies to move their business communications to the Internet, it helps further reduce costs, increase business opportunities and provides for secure communication and transactions with employees, business partners, and customers. Like all SafeNet security appliances, the HighAssurance 4000 Gateway is managed by the SafeEnterprise Security Management Center (SMC), a robust, Java™-based policy management software application with secure, flexible, and transparent SNMP-based control and monitoring capabilities. The Security Management Center defines integrated security policies that can be distributed across multiple devices and HighAssurance Remote VPN clients.

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