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MMM Geomatics
  • 100 Commerce Valley Dr. W
  • L3T0A1

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Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Egypt, India, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, United States, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of, Viet Nam
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541330  Engineering Services
541370  Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services
541690  Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$50,000,000 +
Updated on:
2015-09-18,  Industry Canada
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MMM Geomatics

Company Profile

MMM is recognized as an industry leader in the provision of quality, cost-effective and technically excellent multidisciplinary engineering solutions for a diverse range of assignments. The ability to provide a continuum of services in-house including planning, project management and structural, mechanical, electrical, transportation, traffic, municipal, landscape and environmental engineering design, geomatics and contract administration services - offers clients the synergies and efficiencies of a single-source/single point of responsibility, multidisciplinary team. The attraction of this approach and the success of the firm in meeting or exceeding expectations is demonstrated by a long and growing list of satisfied clients and a high incidence of repeat or referral business. We have a broad base of experience in cadastral and engineering surveys including: subdivision, reference plans, condominium, real property report surveys and ALTA surveys, construction layout, control surveys, networks for engineering projects, and topographic surveys. The firm uses state-of-the-art field and office equipment and can prepare digital products in AutoCad and Microstation. Experience - GCAP & Orthophotos MMM has been providing Imperial Oil Limited, as well as a number of other clients, with Orthophoto services for the past six years. MMM has a unique method of data capture that utilizes GPS Controlled Aerial Photography (GCAP) in combination with aerial photography equipment. The GPS receiver is interfaced with the photogrammetric aerial camera to enable the exact time pulse of every photograph to be recorded. This in turnenables the GPS position of each photograph to be computed. By differentially correcting the GPS data collected in the aircraft with data collected at a GPS base station located near the project area precise photo coordinates are determined while greatly reducing or eliminating the need for expensive ground control stations. The GCAP method provides an effective tool for controlling photography as well as providing other numerous benefits. These benefits include: • Reduced ground control • Limited access required to site • Time savings • Accurate results • Cost savings for the client After going through the orthophoto creation process, we have discovered a number of benefits by combining these orthophotos with other sources of data. For example, this combination of data sets allows us to produce a number of thematic maps. These maps of varying scales and degrees of information have been a benefit to a number of different groups within a resource organization as shown in Table 1.1. A few examples of the types of information that we have provided with orthophotos includes: Digital Information Accuracy Facility Information+/-0.10 m Survey Information+/-0.10 m Parcel Mapping +/-5 - 10 m DEM+/-3 - 4 m Energy & Utility Board +/-20 - 40 m Seismic +/-20 - 100 m Geotechnical +/-100 m Combining these different data sets can create numerous problems, even with data produced within a single organization. These problems include incompatibilities due to differences in coordinate systems, varying data accuracies and different data formats. MMM Geomatics has extensive experience in solving these types of problems and can produce a professional product that is suited for a wide range of uses. These uses include anything from public presentations to engineering design. Table 1.1 Benefits of Using Orthophotography with other Digital Data Sets USERTASKBENEFITS Drilling and completing Detailed drawing for access well programs Surface restrictions Environmental concerns addressed Geotechnical Determine reservoir Ability to relate subsurface information with terrain Project engineering Execution of corporate objective Preliminary alignment drawings Project management / progress Improve ability to accurately cost projects Environmental concerns addressed Process engineering Design components of project Detailed profiles for p


  • SURVEYING AND MAPPING - CADASTRAL SURVEYS Cadastral surveys delineate the boundaries of an interest in land. The interest in the land in question may vary from a fee simple estate, through leasehold interests to an easement agreement. The definition of these boundaries may be referenced to natural features, artificial monuments, metes and bounds descriptions or a mathematical construction. All information pertaining to the placement of the boundaries of the particular interests are gathered and analyzed. After reviewing all of the available evidence, a land surveyor will describe or mark these boundaries so that they may be located or re-established easily in the future. MMM Geomatics employs land surveyors licenced to provide cadastral survey services within several jurisdictions in Canada. Through business relationships with other firms, cadastral survey services can be provided in other jurisdictions wherein we may not directly employ land surveyors.

  • SURVEYING AND MAPPING - GEODESY AND CONTROL SURVEYS Large scale grip reference systems for photogrammetric mapping, drainage control systems, sewer systems etc., using GPS.

  • SURVEYING AND MAPPING - HYDROGRAPHY/OCEANOGRAPHY MMM Geomatics utilizes GPS positioning technology to provide a hydrographic survey capability over inshore and near offshore waters. The positioning system may be interfaced with a variety of secondary sensors such as depth sounders, side scan sonars, seismic arrays or other instruments to gather data of particular interest to the: Navigator, Engineer, Geophysicist, Geologist, Oceanographer. The hydrographic system utilized by MMM Geomatics lends itself to the survey of lakes, streams and harbours for navigational charting, engineering studies or construction monitoring.

  • SURVEYING AND MAPPING - GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SERVICES Geographic Information Management has brought several new technical issues to the surveying industry: data issues which for the most part were transparent to surveyors in the world of the hard copy map. Issues such as data acquisition techniques, data accuracy, data format, data structure, datum transformations and map projections did not concern the user of the paper map. Surveyors were generally interested in the scale and perhaps the contour interval. The map represented a point of departure for the user to start work on his/her application on the assumption that the map and its components were a single homogeneous whole to an accuracy consistent with the proposed use. In general, this assumption was valid because the spatial issues surrounding the data were being handled by the spatial data experts. Digital map data can be obtained from a number of government and private sources. GIS software packages will combine and overlay this data from disparate sources, on different datums, to different accuracies, and generally make the assumption that it is homogeneous structured whole. Consequently, a number of users are finding they are spending an inordinately large amount of time on the spatial data issues and a disproportionately small amount of time on their application because the data they are attempting to use is not GIS ready. MMM Geomatics's Geographic Information Management team provides consultation, analysis and a full range of digital and hardcopy products to address the issues of Data Acquisition, Data Integration, Data Presentation, and Data Structuring facing the users of land-based data.

  • SURVEYING AND MAPPING - ENGINEERING SURVEYS Engineering surveys are performed to provide a framework for the design, construction, and monitoring of various structures. These surveys are an essential component of all major construction and resource development projects and encompass a variety of survey activities, including: topographic detail surveys, horizontal and vertical control surveys, construction surveys, as-built surveys, and monitoring surveys. MMM Geomatics has provided site survey management and engineering surveys on several large development projects, and has the knowledge, experience and expertise required to plan, manage and execute surveys in an economic, reliable, and timely manner.

  • SURVEYING AND MAPPING - TRAINING MMM Geomatics has been providing GPS training to its clients since 1986. The training involves all aspects of GPS projects including project planning and logistics, data collection, data processing and analysis, and network adjustments and analysis. In addition to this project oriented training MMM has provided the following more formal training courses. MMM has developed a one day Introduction GPS course that was presented at the High on Energy Conference 1997, hosted by the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association. This course covers both theoretical and practical considerations that all GPS users should be aware of when selecting and using GPS equipment. MMM has co-developed and co-presented a two-day course on The Technique of Least Squares Adjustment Applied to Cadastral Surveying sponsored by the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association. GPS and conventional survey training were provided to approximately 40 British and Cameroonian surveyors in support of the Chad Cameroon Pipeline Project. Training included GPS theory, receiver operation (post processed and real time), GPS data processing and analysis, total station operation and conventional data processing. The training was provided for the Leica System 300 GPS receivers, SKI GPS processing software, Leica TC1800 total station, and LISCAD software.

  • SURVEYING AND MAPPING - OIL & GAS SURVEYS MMM Geomatics provides geomatics services to oil & gas corporations including well sites and pipelines in Canada, as well as, internationally.

  • SURVEYING AND MAPPING - GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM GPS is a system using satellites to locate positions on the ground and their relationship to each other to within meters or as accurate as 1 centimeter.


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