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R. Bouwmeester & Associates
  • 165 Browning Trail
  • L4N5E7

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Ethiopia, Indonesia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541330  Engineering Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$100,000 to $199,999
Updated on:
2015-11-09,  Industry Canada
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R. Bouwmeester & Associates

Company Profile

R. Bouwmeester and Associates, a civil engineering firm, specializes in forensic sun and shadow position modeling for the legal profession, law enforcement agencies, and collision and crime scene reconstruction professionals. The firm also prepares shadow impact studies and solar access studies for the architectural, urban planning and land development industries. Its principal, Ralph Bouwmeester, has been registered as a Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario since 1978. He has appeared before the Ontario Municipal Board as an expert witness in shadow impact. In addition, he has appeared before criminal courts in Canada and the USA as an expert witness in sun position modeling (related to collision investigation and reconstruction). Ralph Bouwmeester is registered with Professional Engineers Ontario; he is a member of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering and a past-member (in good standing) of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors.


  • SUN POSITION MODELING . collision reconstruction input (e.g. confirm sun position relative to travel directions and sight lines, confirm shadow limits) . crime scene reconstruction input (e.g. confirm sun angles and shadowing conditions) . forensic shadow reconstruction (e.g. estimate or confirm date/time from photos and videos) . expert witness testimony . shadow impact studies (e.g. for urban development and building projects) . solar access studies (e.g. for pedestrian comfort) . solar energy input (e.g. for building & site design) . solar site planning and zoning . sun blinding input (e.g. for sports facility planning and design) . input re: solar-related bio-medical, agricultural, ecological & environmental impacts . computer-aided solar modeling to calculate the sun's apparent position in the sky for any given location on earth for any date and time (historical, present, or future) . sunrise/sunset tables - current month free (e.g. for project planning and scheduling, photography, etc.) . daylight availability tables (e.g. for disaster relief work) . sundial design

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