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Brendar Environmental Inc.
  • 1220 Rockwood Dr.
  • K7P2L1

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562210  Waste Treatment and Disposal
Updated on:
2017-03-15,  Industry Canada
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Brendar Environmental Inc.

Company Profile

Brendar Environmental Inc. is an environmental waste management company specializing in hazardous waste disposal and transportation services. Additional services include project management on remediation projects and consulting services. Assistance with sampling and analytical testing for environmental requirements can also be provided. Brent Bolger is the Technical Director of Brendar Environmental and he brings experience from working some fourteen years in the industry. Having worked with many of the small medium and large firms in Ontario, Brent has dealt with wastes from the automotive industry, metal finishing, chemical industry, petrochemical companies, government agencies, and waste management firms. In addition he has worked in a hands on role for a paint recycling firm in Ontario and is presently doing training at St. Lawrence College (Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall campuses) for WHMIS, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, and the Ontario Waste Management Regulation 347 (The Haz Waste Reg). IF YOU REQUIRE ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR WASTE MANAGEMENT REQUIREMENTS, ARE SEEKING ALTERNATIVE DISPOSAL PRICING (PRIMARILY ONTARIO) WASTESTREAM SAMPLING AND ANALYTICAL SERVICES, PROJECT MANAGEMENT OR OTHER RELATED SERVICES, PLEASE CONTACT BRENT BOLGER AT BRENDAR ENVIRONMENTAL 613 634 2010 OR FAX 613 634 2577. I LOOK FORWARD TO BEING ABLE TO SERVICE YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL / WASTE MANAGEMENT REQUIREMENTS THANK YOU


  • Hazardous Waste Management Services Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, and Government services for the management of Hazardous Wastes and associated services such as sampling, waste characterization, and consulting (with results).

  • Training - WHMIS, Transportation of Dangerous Goods WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) Training for your employees on the workplace hazards, learning about labels, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), and associated requirements. Transportation of Dangerous Goods for the shipping, receiving, and transporting of hazardous goods by road. TDGA (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) - training for the labelling and Placarding of vehicles for hazardous goods. Training for Road transport only. Ontario Regulation 347 waste management regulation which identifies how to identify hazardous wastes from non-hazardous wastes, exempt materials, recyclables, generator registration, and manifesting of the materials.

  • Household Hazardous Waste Services Conduct the hands-on services for the operation, collection, transport, disposal, and mangement of the facility as contracting services for the municipality.

  • Waste Management and Process Equipment Services consist of the customized design and automation of existing and new operational and waste management processes. Includes Ultra filtration Technologies, ground water collection and treatment, Activated Carbon treatment - Air Phase and Water Phase processes for the removal of low level organics. Overall it entails the application of available technologies which can be integrated to manage the process or waste management treatment requirements at hand. Degree of automation can be developed according to client's requirements - up to and including remote access by remote computer links.

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