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whatIf? Technologies Inc.
  • 34 Hereford Pl
  • K1Y3S5

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518210  Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2017-04-03,  Industry Canada
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whatIf? Technologies Inc.

Company Profile

We provide software technology and consulting services for systems models and simulation. Our models are used for strategic planning and scenario analysis, as well as risk analysis, policy analysis and education. Our three areas of business are: Technology We provide a complete, integrated software environment - the whatIf? Modelling Platform - for the development and use of simulation models. The Platform is built on the pillars of effective modelling, including transparent model design, scenario management, data visualization, collaborative multi-user access and extensibility. Custom Modelling We work with clients to design and implement models using the whatIf? Modelling Platform. We consult across a wide range of application areas including: energy analysis; urban and regional planning; natural resource management; demography; sustainable development; human resource planning; and financial simulation. Application Products We provide rapidly assembled models from pre-built model components. Application products leverage the collection of common modelling components we have developed for particular application areas, built up and refined over decades of custom modelling experience. We offer application products in the areas of energy analysis (CanESS), and urban and regional planning (PLUM).


  • whatIf? Computer software for systems modelling. Supports the design, documentation and implementation of large scale simulation models and their use for the purposes of strategic planning, scenario analysis, and education. Application areas include urban planning, natural resource management including fisheries and forestry, energy load forecasting and capacity planning, human resource planning, life cycle analysis, and environmental impact analysis. Implemented for UNIX servers and Windows clients ConnectIT Category Description: Development Tools Modelling / Simulation

  • Custom Model Development ROBBERT Associates designs and implements custom simulation models for scenario analysis and strategic planning using the whatIf? software tools.

  • whatIf? Training, Support and Hosting whatIf? Technologies provides training and support tailored to meet the needs of clients and model hosting services.

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