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  • 1 William Morgan Dr
  • M4H1N6
  • 1 William Morgan Dr
  • east york, ON
  • M4H1N6

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China, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States
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611420  Computer Training
611430  Professional and Management Development Training
611710  Educational Support Services
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2015-03-10,  Industry Canada
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CCI designs cost effective online and mobile custom training and product knowledge solutions for hundreds of clients delivering thousands of hours of knowledge directly to the people who sell, service, and support their products. We have an unmatched depth of experience in the creation and delivery of training and product knowledge that includes industry-leading solution consulting, content development, content delivery and a comprehensive suite of analytic and measurement tools.


  • CCI Consulting Services CCI’s Consulting Services team works with you to identify your organizations unique objectives, requirements and competencies as they pertain to product training and knowledge transfer. Our experienced business analysts and learning professionals can offer your organization advice on how to get the right information, to the right people in the most cost-effective manner. CCI can provide guidance on: • Project Planning and Management • Data Migration • Business Process Improvement • Competency Development • Performance Management • Learning Measurement, Analytics and Return on Investment • Application Training • Program Support and Customer Care • Systems Integration and Technical Services • Change Management • Best Practices and Benchmarking • Instructional Design • Courseware Integration • Web Hosting • Vendor Management • Training Outsourcing • Marketing Programs for Learning • Incentive and Reward Programs

  • The Digital Human Experience™ The Digital Human Experience (DHE™) is a powerful communication method that combines synchronized digital video, audio, graphics and animation enabling you to consistently communicate a large amount of information in a brief period of time. Think of a DHE as film quality video, using your best presenters or professional actors, combined with animation and graphics to deliver instructional training online, product release information, announcements, etc. The DHE is reusable and can be delivered and viewed in a variety of methods such as over the internet, through an e-mail, in a Webinar or in a classroom. The proven benefits of a DHE are timely, consistent communication of information and significantly increased retention and comprehension of the information being communicated.

  • Learning Objects CCI Learning Objects are feature rich, interactive training modules that include: • The Digital Human Experience™ to transfer knowledge. • Robust interactivity, with simulations, training labs and other visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning functionality including multi-branching scenarios (i.e. where a learner is presented with a question or scenario that provides for one or more options to the next step in the scenario). • Compelling animations with voice-overs utilizing professional talent. • High quality graphics and state-of-the-art human-computer interface design. • Pre-testing and post-testing features to measure knowledge transfer. • Printable job aide PDF’s, that include audio scripts, relevant diagrams, flowcharts, tables, workflows, product information and glossaries. CCI Learning Objects typically cover 3 - 5 objectives and require 15 – 30 minutes to complete. All our Learning Objects are AICC and SCORM compliant and can be produced in multiple languages for localization. Learning Objects are highly reusable and can be delivered and viewed in a variety of methods, such as over the Internet, through an e-mail, in a Webinar, in a classroom or "pushed" to a mobile smart-phone.

  • CCI Platform CCI delivers online and mobile content via the CCI Platform. Our content is SCORM, AICC compliant and configurable Software as a Service (SaaS) product. It is also available in multiple languages incuding; French, German, Chinese, Spanish and more. Organizations looking to provide a knowledge portal for the delivery of their content -- training, marketing, communications, resource materials, surveys, contests and Learn & Earn programs -- to a variety of audiences, delivered through the internet and viewed in a browser, can brand and configure the CCI Platform to meet their specific needs. The CCI Platform has an Analytics Engine to effectively track, manage, and measure the consumption of content through a variety of reports. With the Analytics Engine you are able to measure performance improvements in operational excellence, view key business indicators through our graphical dashboards and analyze how your programs are rapidly developing the skills of your audience. Scalable and licensed as a turn-key portal, the CCI Platform empowers its clients to: • Provide examination, certification and accreditation capabilities for end-user certification, dealer certification, professional development, talent management and performance management to their complete audience universe. • Provide insight-capture from learners, through our Voice of the Customer Surveys and Contests programs, regarding the delivery and consumption of training, marketing, communications, and incentive programs in a single, unified, easy-to-use portal. • Quickly scale and meet the needs of either a regional or global audience. The CCI Platform is an ideal product for organizations looking to deliver marketing, communications, knowledge, training and incentives to a diverse audience of any size.

  • Interactive Product Demonstrations Interactive Product Demonstration modules have the same robust feature set as our Learning Objects however they may not include pre-assessments and post assessments. The primary focus of an Interactive Product Demonstration module is to clearly articulate the features, benefits and strategic fit of a product or product category; and to demonstrate the use and application of a product in a specific market segment. Ideal for presentations, Interactive Product Demonstration modules are used in product webinars/seminars and product presentations for the purposes of product marketing, training and promotion. They are highly reusable and can be delivered and viewed in a variety of methods, such as over the internet, through an e-mail, in a Webinar, or in a classroom.

  • CCI Mobile Platform - InCCIteTM CCI's mobile learning solution, inCCIte™, gives your sales team, support staff, distributors and other key people the freedom to learn on the move - to access learning material and corporate information when and where they want to. inCCIte™ is designed specifically to run on wireless devices such as smart phones and Personal Digital Assistants such as the Blackberry. Thus your company is able to deliver learning whenever and wherever needed. inCCIte™ enables your company to meet these challenges: • A widely dispersed staff • A constantly mobile workforce • The need for rapid deployment of training or information Having to take staff from their jobs and into classrooms inCCIte™ provides the following benefits: • Non-work-hour training • Easy access anytime, anywhere (a mobile device is literally with someone all of the time) • More access to corporate information • More access to job-specific information • Delivery of a consistent message CCI’s mobile solution, inCCIte™, provides immediate and convenient access to the information required by your sales, customer service, engineering and support personnel, providing your organization with a critical competitive edge.

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