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International Food Focus Limited or Food Focus
  • East Office
  • M5A2K9

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Australia, India, United Kingdom, United States
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Industries Classification:
511120  Periodical Publishers
541690  Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
541910  Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling
561410  Document Preparation Services
611690  All Other Schools and Instruction
711513  Independent Writers and Authors
541619  Other Management Consulting Services
Updated on:
2015-01-07,  Industry Canada
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International Food Focus Limited or Food Focus

Company Profile

Our slogan: "Results that move your business Forward" Now 22 years young, IFFL is the 'go to' firm recognized for: 1. Complete processed food and food ingredient regulatory compliance services, covering Canada, the US and the EU. Our services range from basic label audits and creation, to preparation and submission of scientific dossiers in support of pre-market regulatory approval of novel foods, food additives, novel dietary fibres, health claims and GRAS applications. 2. Market definition and validation studies - broad experience in several ingredient and product categories including bioactive substances, strictly regulated processed foods such as infant formula and food for special dietary use, agricultural processes and emerging technologies. Our expertise is evident when the market definition study and/or market impact study (see below) requires skilled knowledge and application of the applicable agri-food regulations. 3. Regulatory impact studies pertaining to agricultural crops and processes, emerging technologies and processed foods. 4. Expert witness experience. 5. Seminar and conference speaker: popular and respected "news you can use" informed and engaging speakers. 6. Certified trainer. Several times per month, we deliver industry-specific, customized seminars on the application of agri-food regulations for several jurisdictions: Canada, the USA, the EU, International Food Law. We are known for adept use of the case study technique in these courses, and, provide a three-part food regulatory webinar devoted solely to the case-study approach. 7. Author of Food Fax (R) "written to inform the food industry since 1994" and has been dubbed "the original, and an original two-minute read". Food Fax is a complimentary news-bulletin which identifies one major concern in the agri-food industry, and over the course of four quarterly one-page editions per year, describes the challenges and consequences posed by the issue. Past issues and subscription available at our website: Some of our credentials: Certificate in International Food Law from Michigan State University (1996); MBA (Marketing), University of Ottawa (1985); Professional Home Economist (University of Ottawa, 1978) Certified Trainer (NSF-GFTC June 2012) Part-time Instructor, School of Nutrition, Ryerson University Member of numerous trade and professional associations: 1. Institute of Food Technology (Member of Nutrition, and, Food Law & Regulations Divisions) 2. Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology (Chair, Nutrition & Functional Foods Division) 3. Canadian Association of Professionals in Regulatory Affairs 3. Ontario and Toronto Home Economics Association 4. International Federation for Home Economics


  • MARKET VALIDATION, IMPACT AND DEFINITION STUDIES We excel at market studies which require an experienced and knowledgeable application of pertinent agri-food regulations. Our expertise covers the global market. This service has been provided for, and valued by: financial investors, the judicial system (provincial; Canadian International Trade Tribunal), private sector marketers and public sector policy-makers.

  • TRAINING; CONFERENCE, SEMINAR AND WEBINAR SPEAKER Provide full-day courses on Canadian food regulations, Natural Health Product regulations (Canada); American food regulations, International Food Law Overviews. Known for skilled use of the case-study approach, we offer a three-part series dedicated to case studies in agri-food regulations. Also regarded as an informed, balanced and engaging conference and seminar speaker on a variety of agri-food industry related topics.

  • COMPLIANCE WITH AGRI-FOOD LEGISLATION - GLOBAL SCOPE - BOTH PRE AND POST COMMERCIALIZATION 1. Preparation of scientific dossiers to demonstrate the safety and/or efficacy of: a new food ingredient, novel food, novel fibre, food additive, infant formula, health claim or animal feed supplement (Canada [Health Canada and/or the CFIA] and the EU [EFSA]); a Natural Health Product - Product License Application (Canada); GRAS notifications to the (USA [FDA]). 2. Preparation of food labels incorporating all application legislation, and verifying the compliance of all copy. Includes List of Ingredients, Nutrition Facts Tables and other mandatory information. English and French copy provided where necessary.

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