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Keller Engineering Associates Inc.
  • 107-1390 Prince of Wales Dr.
  • K2C3N6

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United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541330  Engineering Services
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2017-03-14,  Industry Canada
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Keller Engineering Associates Inc.

Company Profile

Keller Engineering Associates Inc. (KEA) is a consulting engineering firm specializing in post-construction engineering and building science issues. Providing a wide range of consulting services relating to : - structural failures - serviceability - problems relating to moisture penetration , condensation and deflections Building envelope performance evaluations often include : - air leakage tests - disassembly and detailed inspection of building elements - moisture, pressure, temperature and relative humidity measurements KEA's work experience is in conceptual work, library search, analysis, testing, code interpretation, detailed design and familiarity with economic factors. KEA also has experience in various research and development projects with major institutions. KEA has a strong background in masonry engineering and construction through extensive research and publications of masonry related topics during the past decade. The firm has been involved extensively in specialized testing of building components and materials, both in Canada and abroad. The Principals of KEA are members of the following Associations and Affiliations : -Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) -American Concrete Institute (ACI) -Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) -Consulting Engineers of Ontario -Ontario Building Envelope Council -Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) -Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada (ACEC) -Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) -Heritage Canada Foundation (HCF) -The Masonry Society -International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE)


  • Structural Engineering Structural Engineering Consulting for : - Structural failures - Building envelope performance evaluations - Renovations and rehabilitation requirements - Support of litigation

  • Building Science Building Science Technologies and expertise to assess : - Structural safety - Serviceability - Problems relating to moisture penetration, condensation and deflections

  • Building Envelope Performance Building Envelope Performance Testing and measure of : - Air leakages, moisture, pressure, temperature and relative humidity - Disassembly and detailed inspection of building elements

  • Structural Design Structural Design - Need studies - Remedial design - Tender documents - Specifications - Construction review and contract administration

  • Research and Development Research and Development -Brick veneer / steel stud wall systems -Masonry studies -Garage repair performance studies -Balcony repair performance studies -Evaluation of most effective cladding system

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