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JPL Consulting
  • 236 Millard Ave
  • L3Y1Z2

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541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
541690  Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
611710  Educational Support Services
611690  All Other Schools and Instruction
Updated on:
2014-12-17,  Industry Canada
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JPL Consulting

Company Profile

JPL provides consulting to the Horticultural service & retail sectors across North America, since 1984. Author of eight book to the retail and service industry. JPL has produced 4 separate sets of software to help companies with Budgeting, Pricing, and productivity.


  • $eeds for Change Retail pricing strategies for IGC's. How to deal and conquer the Mass Merchandiser. Budgeting, pricing, merchandising plans $60.00 @. Can be ordered on the JPL website thru PayPal, at or Amazon Books

  • Common $ense Tools for IGC Managers Common $ense Tools for IGC Managers. A comprehensive book for all owners/Managers who are looking to improve retail productivity. This book will help management make better decisions based on "Benchmarks" in the industry, and learning to acquire the ability to properly hire and direct staff towards "Impossible Customer Service". Book is available at for $60.00, or through Amazon Books

  • What Market Will "BARE" Estimating manual for service companies.What The Market Will "BARE". Mathematical formula's to prove one's breakeven point per job, per hour, per piece of equipment. $60.00 @. Available at or Amazon Books

  • Front Line Training Front Line Training is an interactive manual to help guide management to properly train their staff to productivity, increased sales and profitability. This book is filled with informative, interesting and fun examples that work for any IGC. Book is written so that each IGC can alter and prepare their own training module accordingly. Book is available at for $60.00 or at Amazon books

  • JPL Budgeting & Estimating 3000 software JPL Budgeting & Estimating 3000 software, is an Access based application, that simplifies budgeting & estimating and is accurate. This product is available as of January 2012, for a fee of $299.00 and comes with support and updates. The program is open to being customized for your business. Excellent product for the service trades in establishing their charge out rates.

  • Don't Just Stand There Don't Just Stand There, is a comprehensive guide to productive and efficient management for owners and manager in the Service trades. Learn how to use what you already have, and make it work for you. Productivity is the key in today's economy. Sales growth, without productivity, is akin to spinning your wheels. Learn what are the "Benchmarks" for this industry and how you can apply them professionally.

  • Fleet Cost Management software Fleet Cost Management software, allows to consider all costs of your equipment and vehicles. With this powerful spreadsheet you can recover all costs, from maintenance, to ROI. Program show you hourly, daily rental costs to your jobs.

  • Common $ense for Productivity Common $ense for Productivity, is a book built for "Benchmarking". As an owner/operator do you really know what can/should be produced in a day of work. What factors are you incorporating to drive this home??? This book details the links between pricing and productivity. You can have the highest price out there and still not make money. The techniques for survival in this industry will be how competitive you can be due to lower overheads, again due entirely to "Productivity" A must read. Book is available at for $60.00 or at Amazon books

  • Retail Pricing software 3000 Retail Pricing software 3000. It is impossible to be a strategic and competent IGC without a comprehensive budget and Merchandising plan. This extremely powerful software allows you understand, loss leaders, discounting and learn how to out price the competition, especially the Mass Merchandiser. This book guides to set up your very own plan before the year starts. Find out ahead of time what you will need to do to compete and provide "Impossible Service" to the community you serve. A must read. Program is available at www.jplbiz,ca for $299.00

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