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Avestin Inc.
  • 2450 Don Reid Dr.
  • K1H1E1

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Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of, Republic of, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States
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339110  Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing
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2017-03-13,  Industry Canada
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Avestin Inc.

Company Profile

AVESTIN manufactures process machinery for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We manufacture and sell the EmulsiFlex™ line of high pressure homogenizers, filters and extruders. Applications for this equipment include the prepa- ration of homogenate, emulsions, dispersions, liposomes, cell rupture and sterile filtration. Instruments for volumes from 7ml batches up to production capacities are available. Some models allow the unique combination of high pressure homogeni- zation with continuous filtration/extrusions. Homogenization pressure up to 30,000psi/207 MPa can be achieved. All EmulsiFlex™ instruments are SIP-sterilisable and autoclavable. We also manufacture the LiposoFast™ line of liposome extruders. These instruments pass a lipid suspension back and forth through a controlled pore diameter membrane. Volumes of 0.2ml to 100ml can be processed with these instruments, with the option of scaling up to an EmulsiFlex™ unit for larger amounts. The LiposoFast™ line is also autoclavable.


  • EmulsiFlex®-C5 EmulsiFlex®-C5 High pressure homogenizer with no ‘O' rings in product path. SIP, Autoclavable. Capacity of 1-5 l/h, continuous. Pressures up to 30 000 PSI/207 MPa. Minimum sample volume 7ml. Stainless steel or ceramic homogenizing valve, depending on application. (e.g. pharmaceutical, coatings, chemicals), can be used as extruder/homogenizer.

  • EmulsiFlex®-C50 EmulsiFlex®-C50 High pressure homogenizer, air/gas driven double-acting, pump. Very quiet. 15-50 l/h continuous depending on pressure, up to 30 000 PSI/207MPa. SIP, Autoclavable. No ‘O' rings in product path. Stainless steel or ceramic homogenizing valve. Can do homogenization /extrusion.

  • EmulsiFlex®-C160 EmulsiFlex®-C160 High pressure homogenizer, electromotor driven triplex plunger pump. 160l/h capacity at up to 30 000 PSI/207MPa. SIP, autoclavable. Ceramic homogenizing valve. Can be used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cell rupture, emulsions, etc.

  • LiposoFast™-Basic LiposoFast™-Basic Small volume liposome extrusion through polycarbonate membranes using hand-held glass syringes. Easily cleaned. Stabilizer support also available. Autoclavable. Can be immersed in temperature-controlled water bath. 0.2 to 2.0 ml batches. 5-10 minutes for 21 passes.

  • Biotechnology

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