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ARRAY Development
  • 208-307C Richmond Rd
  • Ottawa, ON
  • K1Z6X3
  • P.O. Box 5145
  • Nepean, ON
  • K2C3H4

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541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2017-07-24,  Industry Canada
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ARRAY Development

Company Profile

Ottawa-based ARRAY Development ( uses Web tools to restructure corporate mission-critical applications in electronic commerce, transactional delivery of administrative services, online consultations and procurement. It was among the first corporations in the world to build a methodology of corporate restructuring around the use of Internet/Web. The company has a good track record in helping leading private corporations and government agencies to develop sophisticated and functional Extranet sites.


  • DeLiberation™ Consultative Framework For anyone with as little as access to email, the DeLiberation™ Consultative Framework from ARRAY Development provides an effective, low-cost way to support decision making processes. DeLiberation™ allows busy executives to participate in critical discussions at any time, from anywhere in the world. To submit comments, they just point their mouse and click. A more advanced DeLiberation™ service includes a full set of navigational tools and a convenient graphical interface. Users typically don't have to install new software or learn new commands. ARRAY Development takes care of all the technical details, leaving discussion participants free to concentrate on reaching consensus and making timely decisions. With DeLiberation™, stakeholders have both rapid access to information and time to reflect on the issues raised. This produces more effective arguments which lead to better decisions. The overall result is a discussion that maintains the feel of real-life conversation while offering significant improvements over many face-to-face meetings. Unlike a teleconference or online chat, participants do not need to be all logged on at once. Conversations typically take place over days, weeks, or even months. Participants receive all messages from other members of the discussion group, but don't have to bother saving or storing them. DeLiberation™'s central storage site provides access to all previous contributions, as well as relevant background documents. For confidential discussions, this central storage can be password protected. Some features of the Standard DeLiberation™ Service: * To start, users need only email access to Internet * No software to install, no lengthy manuals to read * Includes a user-friendly, intuitive graphical interface * Provides support for the discussion moderator * Includes guidelines to ensure discussions produce decisions * Provides detailed usage statistics for administrators * Allows discussion to be open or password protected * Can include online biographies, corporate information and other background Many other advanced features can be added at any time to meet the needs of the discussion group. Effective, action-oriented tools like DeLiberation™ help ensure survival in a fast-paced, global environment. For information about how this tool could be used to enhance your firm's internal and external consultation activities, visit or contact ARRAY Development at 613-733-4464, email

  • DeLiberation™ Extranet Release 2.0 DeLiberation™ Extranet Release 1.0 is an original email and Web-based electronic conferencing and consultation service developed by ARRAY Development. It is being used effectively by a variety of government and private sector clients. The service includes expert advice on ways to reach timely decisions or consensus. ConnectIT Category Description: TELECOMMUNICATIONS Video Conferencing ConnectIT-keywords: Consultation, groupware, discussion, email, extranet, intranet, e-commerce, Web

  • Implementing Extranet tools for electronic banking, commerce and procurement A vibrant Extranet Business Community (EBC) consists of many dozens of customizable technical modules and non-technical enablers that we integrate for cooperating partners, customers and suppliers. In many cases, an Extranet prototype is developed to model the reengineered business operations of the client. Detailed management analysis is conducted for every business line -- to define a rational information flow, develop technology enablers and optimize strategic infrastructure.

  • Tr-IPS -- Travel-Internet Productivity Service Tr-IPS is an Extranet-based travel administration application initially configured for governments and corporations that require actively-managed travel policy compliance. Tr-IPS helps organizations to minimize and control their substantial internal travel administration and external travel arrangement costs, improve efficiency and effectiveness of their travel management functions and save substantial resources in the process.

  • Business Travel RFP Service The Business Travel RFP Service is an interactive service designed to assist corporate travel coordinators. Using Business Travel RFP Service, a travel coordinator who periodically compiles corporate hotel directory, a conference organizer or a meeting planner can submit Requests For Proposals to hotels or hotel chains anywhere in the world (as with a paper submission, there is no guarantee that the participating hotels would accept a particular RFP or reply to it). The request produced by using our service is fully compliant with the Year 2000 version of the Standard Hotel RFP form developed by the National Business Travel Association.

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