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DigiMap Data Services Inc.
  • PO Box 228
  • L9Y4W3

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Industries Classification:
541990  All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2015-06-01,  Industry Canada
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DigiMap Data Services Inc.

Company Profile

DigiMap Data Services Inc. is a software, data and consulting services company specializing in geographic information services (GIS) and relational data base management systems (RDBMS). DigiMap's clients include municipal, provincial and federal government departments as well as "Fortune 500" private sector firms. DigiMap products include digital map files, digital data files, desktop mapping software, and GIS application modules. Desktop mapping software combines map graphics and analysis capabilities with a relational data base for the geocoding, display, manipulation, analysis, presentation and output of maps and map related data, and for the analysis of geographically-referenced data files. The desktop mapping software supplied by DigiMap is MapInfo, which is the leading software in this field. MapInfo is the price and performance leader in the desktop mapping/GIS marketplace. The combination of low cost and compatibility makes it practical to put GIS on the desk of every analyst and knowledge worker in any organization. It also makes it practical as a support tool for many clerical workers whose work involves the query or manipulation of map-related or map-referenced data. Because the software has a well-designed user interface, the training required is kept to a minimum, making it practical for anyone to learn and use. DigiMap also markets a full suite of digital maps. These maps are configured to run under MapInfo, but other map formats (such as AutoCAD (dxf, dwg), ArcExport/Arcview) are available upon request. Maps available include street maps with street names and street address ranges for each street segment. A large variety of boundary file maps are also available including postal code zones, census tracts, and geo-political zones. DigiMap's consulting services span the range of geographic information services, data base management systems, decision support systems, management information systems and general management consulting. Areas of specialization include user needs analysis, interface design, data conversion, programming, systems integration and implementation, and training and support. TECHNOLOGICAL RESOURCES Equipment 1, Digitizing Table 20, PC Microcomputers Software Packages 6, Geographical Information Processing 4, Data Base Software 20, File Utilities 5, Proprietary Software for GIS


  • Land/Geographic Information - Cadastral Mapping, - Watershed Mapping, - Data Conversion and Integration, - Transportation, and - demographics

  • Software Development - MapInfo and MapBasic applications, - MS Access, MySQL - Visual Basic - AVL Interfaces, - emergency response mapping interfaces, - crime analysis software, - traffic monitoring software, - marketing analysis tools, - forest management tools, - health care management tools, and - Internet and Intranet mapping tools.

  • Consulting Services - atlas and map design and production; - corporate information systems; - distribution logistics; - marketing and sales analysis; - transportation planning and modeling; - environmental planning; and - internet/intranet solutions

  • Digital Data - Canadian Postal Data (FSA, PCCF)

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