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VibraSystems Inc.
  • 9-310 Rayette Rd
  • L4K2G5

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United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
325210  Resin and Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing
326150  Urethane and Other Foam Product (except Polystyrene) Manufacturing
326290  Other Rubber Product Manufacturing
333299  All Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2016-01-25,  Industry Canada
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VibraSystems Inc.

Company Profile

VibraSystems has been manufacturing machinery leveling mounts, pads, and an extended line of anti-vibration products since 1979. As Canada's leader in design, development and manufacturing of anti-vibration industrial products Vibrasystems inc today has the most complete and versatile line of vibration shock and noise isolating products for equipment and machinery with loads capacity from 100 lbs and up to 500,000 lbs per mounting point. solutions, we are well respected in the industry for delivering high-quality products, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. In addition, as manufacturers, we will engineer develop and manufacture custom made isolators - mounts, rubber- metal molded products , tuned mass absorbers-vibration damper, industrial rubber products ,spring mounts and spring hangers and other products to meet exact customer's specifications. specifications.


  • ISOLATORS, VIBRATION We produce an extensive line of anti-vibration machinery mounts, cupmounts, wedgemounts, foam pads, cork pads, bobbins and forms for use in controlling noise, shock, leveling and vibration problems.

  • MACHINERY MOUNTS A complete range of anti - vibration machinery mounts for installation of industrial machinery and equipment. Numerous sizes available for different equipment and applications with max. load per mounting point of up to 500,000 lbs. Custom design and manufactured mounts available for special applications

  • Anti-vibration products Machinery mounts and pads designed to reduce vibration, shock and noise. Sprig mounts and spring hangers. Industrial rubber rolls, custom sizes and cuts. Gaskets, partitions, diaphragms , rubber seals , rubber blocks, pads , shims and etc. Custom design and manufacturing of mounts, Vibration Dampers, Metal-Rubber molding, Bumpers, Leveling feet - levelers and etc. Floating foundation - Inertia blocks -Isolation floors and noise enclosure rooms.

  • Rubber roll Industrial rubber rolls - We offer the following industrial rubber rolls-Red Silicone sheets, Black ribbed rubber matting, Pure gum sheet rubber, EPDM , Hypalon , Viton, Butyl , Neoprene , Nitrile , SBR and other sheet rubber rolls . Available in rolls and in different thicknesses and we offer custom cut rubber to the sizes customer requires.

  • Bobbins Rubber to metal bonded machine mounts used for small scale simple vibration isolation. Available numerous sizes and four configurations; Male, Male-Male, Male-Female and Female-Female.

  • LEVELERS A complete range of machine leveling mounts for all types of applications. Can include anti-vibration capabilities.

  • PADS Rubber and neoprene pads and blocks used for simple vibration isolation under wide variety of industrial applications. Different designed pads available-Waffle design to ensure good grip with surface, Ribbed double sided, Easy cut utility pads and etc. Custom profile and sizes available as well as custom molded pads for special applications.

  • SHOCK ISOLATORS A complete line of Anti-vibration and shock isolators for industrial applications.

  • CUP MOUNTS The most versatile mounts on the market. Designed to isolate vertical and shear loads with low height and the base bolted to the floor. Available in stainless steel. Several models cover very extensive loads range suitable for installations of factory and machine shop equipment as well as motors, compressors, pumps, generators and diesel-generator systems, fans, transformers, cabinets and etc.

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