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Torchlight Industries
  • 30 Edinburgh Rd N
  • N1H7J1

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
321920  Wood Container and Pallet Manufacturing
Total Sales ($CDN):
$100,000 to $199,999
Updated on:
2014-02-04,  Industry Canada
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Torchlight Industries

Company Profile

Community Options is a supported employment program for persons with disabilities or other barriers to gainful employment. This program emphasises a place-train vocational rehabilitation model using integrated work settings. Job Coaches (Vocational Support Workers) match the training needs of participants to a pre-determined job-site. They provide con- tinued support to both employer and participant during and after placement. Participants in the program may receive the following services and supports as required: * An employment assessment to identify skills, capabilities and special needs * Individualized career-planning and counselling * Placement and support in a training job-site * Job-search support targeting employability skills, resume writing and interview skills * Assistance in securing gainful employment Referrals can be made by contacting a Vocation Support Worker at 822-7600. Torchlight Industries is a pre-employment program for persons with physical and/or psychiatric disabilities. The program is provided in a realistic work setting that emphasises a train- place vocational rehabilitation model which has been designed to assist people in the acquisition of basic work skills neces- sary to secure gainful employment. Participants in the program may receive the following services and supports as required: * A time-limited pre-employment assessment which will focus the participant's attention on existing barriers to employment. * Pre-vocational counselling * Work-readiness training * Work activity provided in a realistic work setting for parti- cipants who may not attain gainful employment * Time-limited community work experiences under the direct supervision of program staff * Job-search preparation, resume preparation and specialized referrals to other services, such as the Community Options Program Referrals can be made by contacting the Vocational Counsellor at 822-7600. Torchlight Industries is partially funded by the Ontario Govern- ment (approx. 50%). In order to meet it's budget requirements, Torchlight Industries must generate the remaining revenues to continue the program for disabled persons within Wellington County. In order to earn program revenue, Torchlight Industries developed a production facility to do sub-contract work for local business at our location or your business location. You might want to use our services when: * You have more work than you can handle * You need extra space and manpower to get the job done * You need extra staff without the worry of subsequent payroll and bookeeping requirements. Torchlight Industries will do the work at a reasonable price, meeting your specifications with on time delivery of product, using our own highly trained staff and workers. Torchlight Industries can provide sub-contract services in the following manufacturing or processing areas: * Light Industrial: sorting, assembling, grinding, heat sealing, cable assembly, packaging, bundling, counting * Mailings: postal code sort, envelope stuffing, collating, stapling, photocopying, labelling, folding * Woodworking: stakes, bridging, crates, pine boxes, sub-contract craft items, machining of small wooden parts. Your support will allow Torchlight Industries to continue to provide vocational programs for people with disabilities. If you require a job estimate, contact the Production Manager at (519)822-7600. Local employers providing training/apprenticeships to persons with disabilities are an integral part of our programs. Benefits to the employer: * Access to a support worker for problem-solving, retraining, consultation, and monitoring * Assistance in meeting employment equity requirements * A new source of labour for meeting your staffing requirements * Reduced burden on internal resources for screening, training, and supervision of new employees * No cost to the employer If your company can provide a training/apprenticeship opportunity please call: Community O



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