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Georef Systems Ltd.
  • 245 Bathurst Dr.
  • N2V2E4

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Bulgaria, France, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541370  Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services
541510  Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Updated on:
2015-12-14,  Industry Canada
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Georef Systems Ltd.

Company Profile

Georef Systems Ltd. is a leader in the development of powerful, but intuitive Pupil Transportation Management systems. For more than 30 years, we have been developing and introducing spatial data processing solutions to the geomatics industry with technology-based software solutions for: Student Transportation Management (school bus routing) Route Planning and Consulting Services The difference with Georef software goes beyond the quality of the software itself. Our reputation is built on our user support after the sale, and our unwavering commitment and loyalty to our customers. Whenever you purchase a Georef software product, you get professional technical support from qualified professionals.


  • BusPlanner Suite The BusPlanner Suite helps transportation management professionals by providing flexible, efficient school bus routing solutions. With an intuitive, easy-to-use software interface based on the established Microsoft Windows environment, it provides an effective, efficient system to manage all aspects of your transportation solution. BusPlanner allows one or more staff members to access a shared transportation database via BusPlanner Server, which can be accessed via a local area network or via the Internet. Additional products such as BusPlanner Web—our web-based Student Transportation Information Server product—can be added to provide further automation and cost-saving features. Optional modules within the BusPlanner Suite include: - BusPlanner Web: Student Transportation Information Portal - BusPlanner GPS: Real-Time Vehicle Tracking & Analysis Module - BusPlanner Maps: Planning & Map Management Toolkit - BusPlanner Districts: Redistricting Analysis Module

  • Data Services Keeping your street network up to date can be a challenge. Fortunately, we offer on-demand map update services for all of our BusPlanner clients. Whether you need your map updated once a month or once a year, we can help. Just send us your current street network and leave the heavy lifting up to us. We also provide customized reporting and analysis services for a variety of functions, including state/provincial reporting. We know how complex and time-consuming reporting can be for our clients - that's why we'll take your report requirements and data and produce the reports you need. Let Georef take the stress out of your reporting process.

  • Route Planning & Consulting Services For users of our BusPlanner Suite, we offer consulting services to help you optimize your existing routes. BusPlanner features a range of powerful optimization tools that are capable of dramatically streamlining and enhancing your routing solution. Our team of BusPlanner experts will make sure these tools are working for you—to their full capacity. We also provide policy and process consulting for student transportation managers. For schools or districts looking to fully outsource their routing, Georef offers complete, top-to-bottom route planning services. We’ll set up your routes, runs, and bus stops, and ensure that any new students are assigned to busing as needed. And with our support staff only a phone call away, you'll know that you can always get in touch with us if need be. Leaving the route planning to us means peace of mind for you.

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