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G.T. Wood Company Limited
  • 3354 Mavis Rd
  • L5C1T8

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United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
541330  Engineering Services
238210  Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
Total Sales ($CDN):
$5,000,000 to $9,999,999
Updated on:
2017-03-02,  Industry Canada
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G.T. Wood Company Limited

Company Profile

Canadian privately owned high voltage electrical service company since 1953. Provides associated services priority in Southern Ontario but have worked world wide.


  • EMERGENCY SERVICES - Repair or replacement of damaged equipment such as transformers, breakers, switchgear, panels, cables, insulators, lightning arrestors and bushings. - Supplying and installing rental substation and/or equipment while damaged equipment is being repaired in our service shop. - Packaging of liquid wastes in the event of a spill - Coordination of all hydro services and inspections.

  • PCB MANAGEMENT - Immediate clean-up of PCB contaminated material spills - Packaging and storage of contaminated materials - Hazardous waste transportation (Ontario) - Repairs to any equipment containing pure PCB or contaminated liquid - Removal and replacement of capacitors containing PCBs - Reconditioning of transformer liquids (Retrofill) - Decontamination of insulating liquids greater than 50 PPM/PCB - Coordination of waste disposal

  • ENGINEERING SERVICES - Complete system design and installation - System coordination studies - Short circuit analysis - Electrical disturbance measurement analysis - Harmonics analysis - Commissioning and witness testing - Power factor studies and correction - Preparation of system drawings - Independent forensic evaluation - Customer training Whether you are considering the installation of new electrical systems, or simply upgrading an existing application, G. T. Wood engineers will design each of the above services to meet your specific requirements.

  • EQUIPMENT SUPPLY & RENTAL - Portable high voltage substations - Power transformers (oil and dry) - Distribution transformers (pole and pad mounted) - High voltage switchgear - Oil circuit breakers - Tower structures - Low voltage air circuit breakers - High voltage breakers - Moulded case breakers - Fuses, fuse holders, fuse refills, cable, cable connectors, flexible braid, flexible braided connectors, insulators, lightning arrestors and high and low voltage bushings In the event of an emergency of a planned situation, two mobile high voltage substations are available to rent. These units can be modified for transformation at 44, 27.6, 13.8 KV. The size of the transformers and the low voltage board can also be modified to suit the requirements of your specific situation.

  • FLEX CONNECTORS Types of Braid Used: - Tinned copper tubular - Tinned copper flat - Large flat tinned copper - Multiple layered tinned copper - "Shieldnit", knitted wire shielding for cable splicing Standard Thickness: 600, 900 and 1200A - 1/4" 6.4 mm); 1600 and 2000 A - 3/8" (9.5mm) Non-Standard Extras - Current Rating; End contact size; End contact drilling pattern; Hole size; Thickness; Insulation; Plating. G. T. Wood flex connectors reflect standard ratings, however, non-standard sizes can also be produced. Please provide a sketch to G. T. Wood for quotation.

  • ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT RETROFIT Retrofit programs can be established for various reasons, such as: Aging equipment; Equipment failure; Damaged equipment; Relocation of equipment; System voltage change; System design modification; Electrical code requirements Our Engineering department will review the requirements and make the necessary recommendations. Our Operations department will provide the technical expertise to effect the required retrofit program using factory replacement components. The following outlines the types of equipment addressed by a retrofit program: Interlock systems; High voltage switchgear; Analogue relays; Mechanical tripping devices on circuit breakers; Ground fault protection; Power capacitors; Lightning arrestors A Sales Representative is available to review your system requirements upon request.

  • TRANSFORMER REPAIR & TESTING In-House Testing Capabilities Insulation resistance; DC resistance; Power factor; Dissipation power factor; Induced high voltage; Core loss; Copper loss; Ratio; Hi Pot. In-Shop Repair Capabilities: - Complete rebuild (using outside source for rewound core and coils) - Radiator repair or replacement - Component replacement on all types of units - Cosmetic enhancement of damaged units - Oil supply and installation. G. T. Wood technicians can also carry out the above repairs on-site, if necessary and feasible. When required, transformers can be tested in accordance with CSA standards.

  • PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE - Inservice inspections - Infrared thermographic inspections - Primary structure and switch maintenance - Transformer maintenance and testing (all types) - Transformer insulating liquid evaluation (Standard 5 part ASTM, Dissolved gas analysis, furan, Inhibitor, Power factor, PPM/Water, PPM/PCB). - Air circuit breaker service, testing and calibration - Protective relay testing and calibration - High voltage cable location and testing - Power factor testing / Capacitor inspection - Complete cleaning & torquing of all electrical connections and components - Verification of fuse sizes and condition - Verification of existing single line diagrams - Motor control centre inspection After each maintenance inspection, a complete report will be issued to you outlining the equipment serviced, any defects found and any recommendations made for repairs. A copy of the report will be retained by G.T. Wood as part of your client file. Regularly scheduled high-voltage preventative maintenance programs not only reduce operational costs - they're also vital in reducing the risk of unexpected electrical system failures.

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