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Comgate Engineering Limited
  • 236 First Ave
  • K1S2G6

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United States
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541330  Engineering Services
Updated on:
2015-12-04,  Industry Canada
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Comgate Engineering Limited

Company Profile

Comgate's engineering and consulting services, revolve around its communications and security engineering capabilities and its specialized knowledge of the Canadian telecommunications and radio licencing environment. Comgate assists clients in problem definition, the identification of available technologies and standards, the conduct of feasibility studies and the preparation of system specification documents; and will also assist in the evaluation of bids and provide technical and managerial support. Comgate additionally provides engineering services to organizations requiring technical assistance in the evaluation or auditing of system development programs, as well as research reports or special studies related to communications technologies, services and standards.


  • System Security, Verification, Validation and Audit Engineering Description: 1. Assessment of Computer and Communications Systems 2. Identification of Appropriate Security Measures 3. Technical Assistance in the Evaluation of System Designs 4. Review of Contractor Deliverables and System Documentation 5. Audits of Telecommunications Systems

  • Telecommunications & Radio Engineering Description: 1. System Specification Documents 2. Technology and Architecture Assessments 3. Design & Optimization of Telecommunications Systems 4. Development of Standards Based Designs 5. Network Management Studies 6. Network Integration Studies 7. Studies on Migration to Open Architectures 8. Radio System Design & Licencing support

  • System Specification and Engineering Preparation of: 1. Needs Assessment Documents 2. Operational Concept Documents 3. System Specification Documents 4. Technology and Architecture Assessments 5. Technology Plans 6. Proposal Evaluations

  • Engineering Studies and Research 1. Trends in Communications Technologies and Services 2. Development of standard Profiles for Internetworking, LAN/WAN, Testing, Secure Messaging 3. Non-ionizing radio frequency radiation studies and field surveys 4. Telecommunications and Radio licencing support and issues analysis

  • Management, Costing and Regulatory Engineering Description: 1. Management of Data/Telecommunications Systems Implementation 2. Development and Implementation of Regulatory Systems 3. Expert Testimony Before Regulatory Tribunals 4. Trends in Communications Technologies and Services

  • Electronic Data Security Requirements analysis, Public Key Infrastructure, Directory, Secure Messagiing, Specialized implementations

  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Business and Deployment Plans Consulting Engineering services in the Telecommunications field.

  • Security Engineering Engineering of secure solutions for information handling and processing.

  • Networks
  • Security Solutions

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