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Brookdale Medical Specialties Ltd.
  • 1 - 50 Locke St
  • L4K5R4

Contact Information

Alternate Telephone:
Brazil, United Kingdom, United States
Number of Employees:
Year Established:
Industries Classification:
339110  Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing
417930  Professional Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
334512  Automatic Environmental Control Manufacturing for Residential, Commercial, and Appliance Use
Total Sales ($CDN):
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Updated on:
2017-03-16,  Industry Canada
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Brookdale Medical Specialties Ltd.

Company Profile

Established in 1984. Brookdale Medical is entering it's 25th year of success supplying equipment and services to the Rehabilitation and Sports therapy markets. We offer a wide variety of equipment and supplies in all therapy categories including Electrotherapy, Fitness and Rehab equipment, Hydrotherapy, Hot and Cold Therapy, Treatment Tables and Traction Systems, Work Hardening, Diagnostic Equipment, orthopaedics, and Mobility Aids. The RESPONSE line of selectorized Fitness and Rehab equipment is manufactured by Brookdale Medical Specialties. RESPONSE equipment was designed and built for the hospital, rehabilitation, physical medicine, wellness, and fitness markets. RESPONSE equipment is safe, compact, and versatile equipment fits perfectly with the needs of these target markets. Due to the flexibility of variable weight stacks. We can satisfy a variety of markets from a senior's circuit in a nursing homes to satsifying the needs of university athletic centres, rehabilitation and physiotherapy centres, and other high performance centres. RESPONSE multi-station and single units are geared towards nursing homes, hospitals and rehab clinics. Our variable weight stacks, which include micro weights, meet the requirements in a wide range of markets. Solid welded frames made from heavy gauge materials add to the strength and durability of the line. Unique combo units, range limiters, multi-stations, benches, and free weight systems provides for a complete range of choice. Distribution inquiries are welcome. Brookdale also distributes a full range of rehab equipment for physio and chiropractic markets Benefits: -user independence -self adjusting with ease -lightweight -portable -no danger of leakage, oozing, or skin irritation -incontinence cover available -slow recovery foam wich results in very little pressure pushing back on the buttocks -cushion slopes from front to back to enhance proper sitting posture -may be permanently attached to most wheelchair frames without special hardware Seating system is approved by the Government of Ontario ADP program. Distribution inquiries welcome.


  • ELECTROTHERAPY EQUIPMENT Ultrasounds, Interferential Current Stimulators, Combination Units, Laser, TENS Units, Biofeedback EMG, Modality Carts,and Ultrasound Gel

  • HYDRO/HEAT/COLD THERAPY Whirlpools, Ice Machines, Hydrocollators, Hot/Cold Packs, Heating and Chilling Units, and Wax Baths.

  • TABLES AND TRACTION Hi-Lo 1,2,4,5 Section Tables, Hi-Lo Traction Units, and Traction Packages.

  • CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE Treadmills, Stairclimbers, Upright and Recumbent Cycles, and Elliptical Exercisers.

  • REHABILITATION Parallel Bars, Ambulation Aids, Rocker Boards, Wobble Boards, Exercise Balls, Exercise Mats, Digiflex, Theratubing, Theraband, and Theraputty.

  • DIAGNOSTICS Body Composition Analyzers, Pinch Gauges, Hand Evaluation Kits, Hand Dynamometers, Inclinometers, and Weight Scales.

  • MOBILITY AIDS Canes and Crutches, Walkers, Wheelchairs, and Patient Handling Devices.

  • DAILY LIVING Reachers, Eating Aids, Bathroom Aids, and Grab Bars.

  • RESPONSE REHAB AND FITNESS R2904 Linear Leg Press, Adjustable Back and Footplate R2905 Abdominal/Back/Side Bend Combination Unit with Dual Range Limiter R2906 Seated Leg Ext. & Leg Curl with Dual Range Limiter R2907 Rotary Torso with Dual Range Limiter R2908 Dual Cable Column: Includes Tricep and Lat Bars, Ankle Cuff, Handles R2908C Dual Cable Column with Lat Pulldown Option R2909 Dual Cable Column: Rehab System Includes Back Adjustment. Bench, Tricep and Lat Bars, Ankle Cuff, Handles R2909C Dual Cable Column: Rehab System with Lat Pulldown Option R2910 Single Cable Column R2910C Single Cable Column with Lat Pulldown Option R2911 Lat Pulldown/Rower Combination Unit R2912 Pullover R2912T Tricep Pushdown R2912C Tricep/Pullover Combination Unit R2913 Cervical 8 - Way Unit with Dual Range Limiter R2914 Multi-Hip, with Dual Range Limiter, Adjustable Platform R2915 Pec Dec with adjustable start R2915C Pec Dec with Leg Extension Combination Unit R2916 Seated Verticle, Adjustable Chest Press R2917 Seated Verticle Bench Press R2918 Pulley Bench, Flat R2919 Pulley Bench with Adjustable Back R2920 Pulley Bench, Adjustable Seat and Back R2921 Jumper with Free Weight Bar R2922 Multi-Position Mobilizing Bench R2923 Pulley Bench - Therapist Assist R2924 Cable Crossover, Multi-Adjustment R2925 Linear Smith with Counter Balance R2926 Rotator Cuff R2927 Hyper-extension Articulating Bench R2928 Weight Assisted Dip R2929 Parallel Bars - 7 Foot MULTI -STACK STATIONS R2930 Rehab Multi-Station - 4 Stack Includes leg press, single cable column,lat pulldown, standing bicep curl,leg extension, adjustable pec dec, and seated vertical press. R2931D Mini Rehab Gym with Cable Column - 2 Stack 200 lb wt stack & 50lb micro wt stack for Cable Column R2931S Mini Rehab Gym with Cable Column - 1 Stack 200 lb wt stack - 10lb plates only. R2931L Optional Leg Press R2931V Optional Vertical Dip and Knee Raise Other options available - Please Call. WORK HARDENING R2932 Push Pull Cart with 2 Handles R2933 Dual Adjustable Shelf Station R2934 Bolt and Task Box R2935 Multi Handle 3 Level Tool Box EURO Mini Pulley Systems

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