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Colombia, Mexico, United States, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
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517210  Wireless Telecommunications Carriers (except Satellite)
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2015-11-25,  Industry Canada
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LightSquared, formerly Mobile Satellite Ventures, provides mobile satellite communications services. Delivering service since 1996, LightSquared offers customers a wide choice of wireless data, voice, fax and dispatch radio services via its SkyTerra 1 satellite and fleet of two MSAT satellites. LightSquared provides superior capacity and reliability for customers across North America, northern South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Hawaii and in coastal waters. LightSquared is dedicated to developing the next generation hybrid wireless network over North America that will utilize thousands of base stations and a satellite constellation working in unison to deliver seamless wireless services to end-users over standard wireless devices. LightSquared is headquartered in Reston, Va., with an office in Ottawa, ON, Canada. For more information, visit online at


  • Data Services LightSquared Packet Data service is ideal for applications that send many short messages. Typical messages are less than 500 bytes. Applications include fleet and load management, credit card verification, asset position reporting, personal safety and information access and exchange for the trucking, rail, marine, asset management, logistics and law enforcement markets. Packet data service utilizes a small compact radio that allows connection to a variety of terminal equipment to meet the needs of the users. It allows users to stay in touch while on the move in areas outside of the terrestrial and cellular coverage areas. LightSquared Circuit Switched Dial-Up Data service is ideal for applications such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) that transmit and receive large volumes of information. You can also use the service for fixed and mobile office applications such as file transfer, e-mail, internet and LAN access. Dial-up Data establishes a dedicated circuit between the sender and the receiver, the same way a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) operates. By connecting to the public telephone and data networks, LightSquared can connect users to private networks through standard interfaces or route traffic back to another satellite terminal.

  • Fax Service LightSquared efficient, error-free, "store and forward" fax service is designed for ease of use and convenience. Simply send your fax and let us worry about getting it to its final destination. Send a fax from your satellite phone and the fax hub will attempt to deliver it to its destination as many as 9 times over a 24 hour period. Waiting for an important fax to come in but can't leave your satellite phone on all the time, not a problem. The fax hub will try 3 times to deliver a fax before depositing it to your fax mailbox where it will be stored for up to one month. Simply log onto your account at your convenience and have your fax mailbox forward your faxes to you, anywhere in the world.

  • Voice Service LightSquared Voice Service lets you talk to anyone beyond the limits of traditional telephone or wireless services. Not only can you speak with people who would otherwise be impossible to reach, you can do it economically too. You can easily install the service on mobile vehicles or locate it at any fixed location, whether a business, field operation, or emergency site. The LightSquared Voice Service offers mobile and stationary users a range of valuable digital voice features such as: - Call Forwarding (on "busy", no answer, or unconditionally) - Call Barring - Call Waiting - Conference Calling (three-way calling)

  • Dispatch Radio Operating on a push-to-talk principal, the two-way Dispatch Radio Service from LightSquared allows police, work crews, drivers, search and rescue teams, firefighters, and others to stay in touch -- virtually anywhere. The service's two-way group communications capability allows one user to talk to many. Or users can conduct private one to one conversations if they wish. Organizations can implement the service almost overnight, and because they don't have to build and maintain their own private networks, they minimize capital costs and eliminate network support costs altogether. LightSquared Dispatch Radio Service is a cost-efficient alternative to installing, maintaining and relocating land based two-way radio communications systems.

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