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Stantec Consulting Ltd.
  • 300-2100 Derry Rd W
  • L5N0B3

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Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Russian Federation, United States
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541330  Engineering Services
Updated on:
2017-03-09,  Industry Canada
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Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Company Profile

Sub-sectors: Environmental engineering; Indoor air quality; Occupational health and safety; Services: conceptual engineering; detailed engineering; project management; start-up and commissioning. Air pollution control: air dispersion modelling; control of dust and fume; control of mist; control of nitrogen oxides (NOx); control of odour; control of sulphur oxides (SOx); control of volatile organic compounds (VOC's); detailed design of water-cooled ductwork; electric arc furnace off-gas systems; fluid dynamic modelling; iron and steel making fume and dust control systems; mathematical modelling. Audits: Compliance (environment/occupational health and safety); Due diligence/environmental management system; Energy. Environmental management systems: Auditing; Development; Training. Indoor air quality: asbestos management programs; indoor air quality investigation; pro-active air monitoring installations; ventilation review. Laboratory design: fume hood testing; project management; ventilation design. Occupational health and safety: fire/explosion safety planning; hazard and risk studies; health hazard control programs; industrial hygiene surveys/audits. Regulatory permitting: air dispersion modelling; air permits; emissions estimation. Research and development: Advanced design of contaminant control; Computer-aided design. Ventilation evaluation and design: Hood design; Industrial plant ventilation design; Ventilation measurement; Ventilation system design. Company Description: Stantec is a full service consulting and engineering company with a long history of excellence in the environmental sector. Stantec's Clean Air Team consists of over 25 professionals dedicated to our mission of providing industrial, commercial and institutional clients with practical solutions to air quality and air pollution problems. Our team is made up of industrial hygienists and process, environmentall and mechanical engineers. It has the experience and expertise to deal with a wide spectrum of air contaminants including fume, dust, fibers, oil mist, solvents and VOCs, CO, CO2, NOx, SOx, odour, microbials, noise, heat and humidity. Our clients needs relating to the control of air contaminants in the workplace and the environment often fall into one or more of the following categories. In the workplace: - Assessing overall air quality - Assessing worker exposure to airborne contaminants - Addressing a worker exposure situation - Evaluating, optimizing and designing industrial ventilation systems - Managing hazardous materials such as asbestos, mould, lead, etc. In the environment: - Assessing compliance with air pollution regulations - Addressing non-compliance with air pollution regulations - Air permitting - Evaluating, optimizing and designing air pollution control systems.


  • Engineering Services, Industrial Ventilation, Occupational Health and Safety, Indoor Air Quality, and Contaminant Control A specialized consulting engineering firm in the areas of air pollution control, industrial ventilation, occupational health and safety, indor air quality, and contaminant control. Winner of the Canada Award for Business Excellence, Environment

  • Clean plant and heat recovery and air conditioning (HVAC) design and development. Stantec offers services in specialized areas of ventilation, contaminant control, occupational health and safety, and indoor air quality. They may include specially designed computer software technologies, sensors and controls. Stantec uses a multi-disciplinary approach linking heating and ventilation engineering, occupational hygiene, microbiology/chemistry, and the application of state-of-the-art technology for the design and development of indoor air quality solutions. If required, the company will do risk analysis, environmental audits and regulatory permitting. Users include industrial, commercial and institutional: process industries, manufacturers, hospitals, schools, oil refineries, mining, forest industry, research labs, and numerous developers and operators of large buildings for commercial and institutional use.

  • Environmental Products and Services

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